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Saw this article – What To Eat To Live To 100- which highlights author Dan Buettner’s book “The Blues Zones Solution.” It has a list of the best foods to eat for longevity and also what do avoid. If only Pizza was on the foods to eat list I might live forever.


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  1. I’m doing well with liking all those healthy foods since I’m a vegan, but I love junk food: ice cream, pizza, chocolate, vegan fried “chicken”, beyond burgers. Junk food is kind of a weakness for me. And I love bread! I’d never give up bread.

  2. There is a blue zone in California?

    I’m eating/drinking about 95% of that list. I gave up coffee & green tea to minimize caffeine but, I will drink a high dollar ginger ale with honey & fruit juice.

    A few things I disagree with. I eat fish, regularly but, every day sets you up for mercury and/or cesium build up in your system. Maybe some of those blue zones have a cleaner stock of fish.

    Soy milk? Oh, HELL no. Any asian will tell you that soy should only be consumed fermented, so…tempah, tofu, miso & soy sauce. That should be IT. But, the soy milk was listed for CA.

    Oats. Unless it is an oatmeal cookie, no. Cooked oats taste like slimy dirt to me.

    Pizza CAN be done healthy. Organic, sourdough crust and organic toppings. I don’t eat pork but, other meats would work. You CAN have healthy pizza!

    • Yep. I’ve built one. And, we have a pizzeria, here, that does in-house-made sourdough crusts. They aren’t farm-to-table but, they are close. If you are a traditionalist, there is organic, grass-fed mozzarella cheese and organic pepperoni & pasture-raised sausage. Organic pizza sauce has been around for years. I LOVE pizza but, I refuse to eat cheap garbage, doled out by big industry. It is rife with GMOs.

      Many people get the “Kermit The Frog Face” when you mention “organic”. All that means is, it is a method of farming like the old days. My maternal GPs were farmers. There was no such thing as GMOs, they didn’t use pesticides and they fertilized with compost material from food scraps. Meat scraps they had went to the dog or carrion eaters out in the field. The worst thing that happened to them regarding their way of life was listening to the re-tard doctors back in the 60s & 70s that told them their butter was bad for them and they need margarine. Don’t even get me started on the “high cholesterol is bad” lie.

  3. Good list and can’t disagree with any of it. As to healthy pizza, I’ve tried pizza from 2 different places that have cauliflower crust. One place there was no difference in taste; the other place it was like chewing flavorless chalk. If you can find a good cauliflower crust and minimize the cheese, you probably could have a pretty tasty and healthy pizza!

  4. Just remember George Burns lived to 100. I know he was smoking up to the last minute, so he probably was eating steaks and chocolate cake too. But, alas, I guess he’s a rare case of SUPER great genes…

    • I remember about 20 years ago the woman who was the oldest living person on record died at around 120– in the story on her they talked about her surviving daughter who was like 98 at the time….

  5. Super longevity is interesting. Isn’t there a famous Japanese town somewhere where everyone’s really old but really spry and vital still?

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