• THE BLUES BROTHERS: MOVIE SOUNDTRACK: 1980: BLUES: GRADE: B: VINYL: A fun movie from the summer of 1980- filled with music by the Blues Brothers and guests like Ray Charles , Aretha Franklin, Cab Callaway and James Brown.


  • THE BEATLES: RARITIES: 1980: ROCK: GRADE: A-. VINYL:  A collection of Beatle rarities- different versions of the released songs-that were rare for the American audience. The highlight of the package the gatefold sleeve which has the reproduction of the controversial Yesterday and Today album’s butcher cover.

A smiling male (Michael Jackson) with a black afro, wearing a black tuxedo, white shirt, and a black bow tie. Both of his thumbs are hooked into his pants pockets with his palms and fingers facing forward and splayed out. The sides of his jacket are tucked behind his hands as he leans back slightly, giving a playful, casual touch to his formal look. Behind him there is a brown brick wall and to the side of his head are "MICHAEL JACKSON" in yellow chalk writing and "OFF THE WALL" in white chalk writing. "JACKSON" and "WALL" are separately underlined.

  • MICHAEL JACKSON: OFF THE WALL: 1979: POP: GRADE: A+. VINYL: Before Thriller- there was Off The Wall. An excellent mixture of different styles of music- two #1 hits and a total of 4 Top 10 singles-if it’s not as good as Thriller- it is pretty close. Around the time of this album- I was in college and came back from class- the radio was on and I fell asleep. I had a dream- once a week I would walk over to the local McDonald’s to avoid the dorm cafeteria food- and in the dream I walked into McDonald’s and they had my meal ready for me. I asked them “How did you know what I wanted.” the girl there said “You’re Michael Jackson and we know what you always order.”- I then woke up and “Rock With You” was on the radio.

Randy Newman-Trouble in Paradise (album cover).jpg

  • RANDY NEWMAN: TROUBLE IN PARADISE: 1983: POP: GRADE: A-. CD: I was a little disappointed with Born Again- the Newman album before this one- [which was the follow up to Little Criminals and Randy’s big hit “Short People”-} this is a return to form- some really good stuff- Tracks To Hear- I Love LA, The Blues- with guest Paul Simon, My Life Is Good [in which Bruce let’s Randy be The Boss for a while- “blow big man.” } I’m Different, Christmas In Capetown.

ChuckBerry TheGreatTwentyEight.png

  • CHUCK BERRY: THE GREAT TWENTY-EIGHT: 1982:ROCK: GRADE: A++. IPOD: Rock and Roll 101. If I were teaching the history of rock and roll this would be the first homework assignment- listen to Uncle Chuck.

  • NICK LOWE: PURE POP FOR NOW PEOPLE: 1978: ROCK: GRADE: A: VINYL: The album was called  Jesus Of Cool in the UK. Nick’s solo debut. Jesus Of Cool may not have went over well in the US in the mid 70’s. A fun album- as most Nick Lowe albums are- Must Hear Tracks- So It Goes, I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass, Marie Provost, Heart Of  The City, Rollers Show. Going to see Nick when he comes to town next month.

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