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Towards the end of his set- Jimi Hendrix gave a blistering rendition of The Star Spangled Banner– the final great highlight of The Woodstock Festival. Those who stayed until the end got a treat.


    • I can believe that…. I wonder if any of the entertainers stayed throughout the festival? Or did they mostly perform and split? I have no idea.

    • Its funny how high emotions ran back then- people were flooding NBC a year earlier when Jose Feliciano did his version at the World Series. And we think things are emotional now..

    • I thought it was a waste of life…lives sorry. Nothing much to gain from that.
      WW2 I completely get…I understand that one.

    • I agree very sad… I saw on one of the CSPAN stations this morning an interview at the LBJ library with Country Joe McDonald and Peter Yarrow- and Yarrow mentioned that it wasn’t that he was/ is against all wars-that he would have fought in WWII- and he mentioned that Woody Guthrie served in WWII –

    • It’s a stigma about that war. I’m really neither liberal or conservative…depends on the subject but I have some conservative friends. They try to make you feel like you don’t like America…you know the routine…I call BS on that with Vietnam to them. They leave it alone now.
      Sometimes you have to fight but that war…no. I have no knowledge of this… but I’ll ask you. Do you think JFK would have pulled out or increased it like LBJ did?

    • Hmmm I think the Kennedy people over the years- and there aren’t many of them left now- have always said oh no Jack wouldn’t have gotten in like that– but I think he was headed in that direction of more involvement. But I guess that is just speculation….. Yes It seems like every time there is a crisis if you aren’t aboard what the government wants- its America love it or leave it… I don’t know how opposing a bad idea/decision is un-American? I think we would have been better off NOT invading Iraq earlier this century for example.

    • His people would say that in hindsight of what happened. I have heard the same thing.

      Being able to oppose a bad idea is what America is about or least I thought but yea you are unpatriotic if you do to certain people. Then it’s…”you don’t support the troops”…

      I know some of the troops and some of them were agasint invading Iraq.
      No I was not in favor in invading Iraq.

    • When JFK was assassinated – a lot of his advisors were young men like he was- and of course got to spin their version of history their way…. I think Vietnam was an eye opener for a lot of people one of those events where up until that time most people would not doubt the wisdom of government decisions. I think it’s a good thing to question authority- sometimes they are wrong–and its not un-American to call them on it!

    • I think the combination of the JFK assassination- Vietnam and Nixon as you mention changed a lot of people forever- as far as trusting the government. I think Lee Oswald was the lone assassin and no conspiracy but the way the government handled the investigation would lead to many doubts.

  1. Another inspiring conversation between my two music heroes. 100% in agreement. WWII was the world at war essentially and a side had to be taken. The others were/are political decisions and fear-hype and the profit-making war machine.

    • Yes I wonder- as far as JFK discussion goes- if the ‘hidden hand” that really runs things would have forced his hand? WWII yes you had a cause.. Vietnam- well the domino theory proved false. and today Vietnam is communist- how is that effecting us?

  2. I recall a lot of indignation and disgust over this rendition for “contaminating” the sacred anthem. But it is actually was very meaningful because it captured all the pain, confusion, disillusionment and fear that cursed the soul of the nation in those years.

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