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How much were the performers paid to appear at The Woodstock Festival? Below an article and how much each artist was paid. Jimi Hendrix came out on top. I think they paid way too much for Sha Na Na.


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  1. That’s interesting. I definitely think Hendrix deserved the most money and top billing and, yes, they over paid for Sha Na Na. They shouldn’t have been there, period. Fascinating that Blood Sweat and Tears were the second highest paid band. Really? They got more than The Who? More than Janis Joplin? (She let everybody down with a terrible performance. Too wasted.) They definitely got the most bang for their buck out of Joe Cocker and Santana.

    • I am not a big fan of theirs myself but they did have a couple Top 5 hits that year.. and Hendrix was at his peak.. I think it is a good idea that The Stones weren’t involved- maybe that contributed to the peace they had at Woodstock.

    • Yes the combination of The Stones and Hells Angels not a good one- the spirit of Woodstock surely didn’t carry over there…. I hate when people mangle history- the other night at my book club- the book was called The Library Book– but towards the end we got off topic and someone mentioned Woodstock and how the Hell’s Angels were the security there and how someone was murdered… sometimes I just hate breaking in and correcting someone but I couldn’t let that go–she had her concerts mixed up! Wavy Gravy and his bunch were the security at Woodstock!…in that PBS doc- he talked about how they did security–they made it fun- they would politely ask people to do things. it worked. a light approach with some comedy.

    • Oh yeah. You couldn’t let that go. Ha! To tell you the truth, though. I’d rather get pushed around by an overzealous cop than to get scolded by Wavy Gravy. That guy is too Woodstock. Ha!

    • From what I saw Wavy was pretty cool about things—and it MADE Wavy Gravy- Woodstock like it did a few of the performers.

  2. You may or may not know this Hans, but did they get royalties from the records that were generated and sold? Also have they ever talked about doing a complete complete recording so every song can be heard?

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