• ELVIS COSTELLO: THIS YEARS MODEL: 1978: NEW WAVE: 5+ STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: VINYL: While I love EC’s debut My Aim Is True- you can certainly tell the difference in the music on album #2 “This Years Model”- EC’s first album with his back up band The Attractions. My Aim Is True is great due to Elvis- the back up band- Clover was fine- but on this it is Elvis- his songs and The Attractions. Outside of The Beatles albums- my most listened to albums were the first four Elvis Costello albums. It would be interesting if I had kept track of that stuff [well actually I did back during this time but the archives have been lost over the years} to know how many times I played those albums. Still sounds good.


  • IGGY AND THE STOOGES: RAW POWER: 1973: ROCK: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: VINYL: Iggy and The Stooges third album is the first one of theirs that I owned.  I don’t know why I bought this album now- I must have read about Iggy and The Stooges in a magazine [this was in the late 70’s early in days as a music fanatic} and at first I didn’t really care for it- I had never heard anything like it. Of course once I heard more music- I went back to it- and it is a fantastic album- a forerunner to the punk that was soon to come. A great title which certainly describes what is inside.


  1. Hans I have to thank you for getting me liking EC beyond what I heard on the radio. This album is SO GOOD. I added the Iggy album to my L list. Amazing that this wild man came from MI 🙂

    • The first few times I listened to that Iggy and The Stooges album I must admit it gave me a bad headache- I was probably 18- and had never heard anything like that… funny I was listening to it at like 430am- and my wife was getting ready for work as it was playing- at at 430Am it had her dancing.

  2. This Years Model – An old favorite of mine as well – would you consider this to be punk rock? They say it is not but definitely sounds like it to me. Does not seem any less punk than, for example, London Calling or Iggy Pop’s solo albums or Blondie.

    • I think more new wave– at the time i think Elvis was thought by some as punk rock–but I would say New Wave…he’s too advanced musically to be punk.

    • Right, New Wave is a good way to describe it. He sounded angry like punk and had sarcastic lyrics – more on his early albums – He changed a lot later on though. I think his first 3 OR 4 albums were his best.

    • I totally agree- the first 4 are my favorites although Imperial Bedroom in the early 80’s is also a favorite. I loved the furiosity of those early albums!

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