Hans Remembers- News Headlines from Thursday August 7, 1969 to Saturday August 9, 1969.

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Thursday August 7, 1969- NASA officials announced that they had the results from the testing of the Moon rocks- the testing showed no organisms and no traces of life. Some of the Moon rocks had a trace of organic material- 10 parts per million but that it was likely caused by Earth contamination from rubber gloves, tools and plastic bags that stored the samples.

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Friday  August 8, 1969- President Richard Milhous Nixon proposed a law providing a basic guaranteed minimum income to poor families, regardless of whether any member of the family  was able to obtain employment. The amount of guaranteed income would be $1,600 per year or $133,33 a month- equivalent to about $900 per month today.

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Sunday August 10, 1969- A Los Angeles grocery store owner named Leno LaBianca and his wife Rosemary were murdered at their home 24 hours after the killings at the Sharon Tate home. It would be some time before police connected the two killings.

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The Three Apollo 11 astronauts were finally allowed to leave their mobile quarantine facility after three weeks- they had been examined for possible contamination from the lunar soil that they brought back to Earth. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins were united with their families for the first time since June 25th.



  1. Nixon looks like a nutjob in that pic. $900 a month was probably about what he spent on his suits. What an insult! On another topic, Hans have you seen the 2018 movie, “The Public” about Cincinnati Public Library? I watched it last night.

    • I must confess I look for goofy Milhous pictures when I write about him… I will look for that movie- I haven’t heard about it… have you read The Library Book? It is my book club book on Tuesday- about the LA Library fire in 1986- and about libraries and the history of that library and the authors past with libraries– I think you’d love it since you are a library person. I read it over the winter- and then again last week for the club to have it fresh in my mind- enjoyed it both times. If ever in LA again I want to visit that library….will look for The Public! TY

    • Will look for that book and add it to my list. I’m still slogging through The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The book is darned good but finding time to read it is a problem. Once you see The Public, I hope we can talk about it. I want to know how realistic you find it. lol on the Milhous pictures. Have you read Michael Moore’s book, Here Comes Trouble? He has some interesting things to say about Milhous.

    • I haven’t read the Moore book. Will look for it. I ordered The Public from the library system… I think– The Library Book has sold well–it doesn’t look like a new book- no glossy cover– a red cover with the title and author on it.. .. Will let you know what I think of The Public- hopefully it comes soon–heck maybe our library even has a copy.

  2. Hans there is one thing that after reading your Nixon postings over the last year… I will never think of Nixon without “Milhous”…

    • I love that middle name. i think it was his mothers maiden name…Hannah Milhous…. what was the cartoon that had a character named Milhous?

    • He did a lot to himself. The Frost interview was really telling.
      He did have some good points I agree with that…

      Off topic… I hate to keep asking you this but any book recommendations on Hoover? After reading about Nixon… Hoover of course comes up.

    • There is a book I read years ago that was good- i think it was by the co-author of Helter Skelter- Curt Gentry- called J. Edgar Hoover- The Man and The Secrets – it was excellent… and c’mon no problem asking- ask away…

    • Thanks man… it’s nice to have someone I trust these subjects. I’m marking that one.

      Now Hoover has come up in Chaos… and he tried to kick two of my favorite people out of the country… Lennon and Chaplin.

      From what little I’ve read Kennedy didn’t get along with him too well which doesn’t surprise me.

    • I remember reading that JFK wanted to get rid of him- Hoover got word of it- and called for a meeting… not long afterwards it was announced that Hoover was staying for another 5 years or whatever. He’d probably still be there if he hadn’t died….. My first move as POTUS would be having his name removed from the FBI building in DC…. The book is good – I recall thinking at the time I read it- it came out in 1991- how scary someone having so much power. … a favorite Hoover story- while I was in college G. Gordon Liddy came to talk at my school. He told a story about when he was in the FBI- Hoover sent out a memo saying “Watch The Borders”– so they were kind of afraid to question him on it- so a massive amount of agents were sent to the Mexican and Canadian border… turns out what he meant was– when he got reports to read he liked having a lot of room on the borders to write comments- he wanted them to leave him plenty of border room…… but they were too afraid of him to ask what he meant- or why they should be watching the borders.

    • What a story…I don’t know whether to laugh or sigh. That is intimidation!
      When I first started to read about him it was from Lennon and Chaplin biographers so I didn’t know whether it was slanted or not. I hate reading slanted info…either way. After reading a little more I see it’s not but I want to read a proper book about him.

      I just found out about COINTELPRO…from Chaos….you are right…he had way too much power and thought and acted above the law. Just thinking that all of the policies that happened came from one opinion from one person.

    • You have to wonder what he would have been like in a Soviet Union style environment? I don’t think the Gentry book is slanted- by the way. I am 2/3rds of the way through Chaos- I don’t know if in the end he will have any concrete answers but he sure does raise some interesting questions.

    • I think Hoover operated that way anyway lol. Hans who was his boss? The President? Was that it?

      I may be half way through it…. I was thinking the same thing. I think he is hoping this will open people up to say something. I read where a film version of what he went through is being negotiated.

    • The only thing – as far as we know- Hoover didn’t do was take people to the side of the road- shoot them- shove them into ditches and bury them. If he could have done that I am sure he would have. It kind of seems like he was the boss of the POTUS- a lot of them hated him but he had something on everyone and if he didn’t have something on them -he could always make something up.

  3. What a great discussion. I love the “borders” story. But that is pretty scary, someone with that much power. Even though I don’t put the founding fathers on a pedestal like some people, I still think they would be spinning in their graves if they’d known about Hoover!

    • I agree- he was a slim ball. I wonder if his style would have worked today? He had the public fooled though. I can’t think of anyone whose reputation has suffered after their death more than J. Edgar’s.

  4. Maybe right now, since 2016, his style would not only have worked but thrived….? And yeah, he really IS spoken badly about in retrospect, huh? Whew.

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