Hans Remembers News Headlines from Wednesday August 6, 1969-

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  • Minnesota Twins manager Billy Martin who in his career as a player and manager was in as many fights as Sugar Ray Robinson probably was- -in Martin’s case most were alcohol fueled- got in one of his most celebrated/infamous fights when he got involved in a fight outside a bar between two of his players- pitcher Dave Boswell and outfielder Bob Allison were fighting when Martin entered into the situation- and Boswell ended up going to the hospital to get 20 stitches after Martin was done with him. {at the tail end of his career managing the Yankees he would get the crap beat out of him by another pitcher Eddie Whitson.} Martin in 1969 led the Twins in his first year as manager to 97 wins and an American League West title but still lost his job- due mainly to this incident. There was no greater baseball manager between the lines than Martin it is just too bad he couldn’t stay away from the bottle.

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  • Born on this day in Omaha, Nebraska a gifted singer- songwriter- Elliott Smith. Smith would win an Academy Award for Best Original Song for “Miss Misery” which was in the movie Good Will Hunting. Sadly, Smith would die by suicide after an argument with his girlfriend in October 2003 although some question that it was suicide.