Hans Remembers- News Headlines from 50 years ago today- Sunday July 27, 1969.


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  • President Richard Milhous Nixon became the first American president to visit Indonesia- on his current Asian trip. The Tricky One would spend 22 hours in the country- spending the night in Jakarta.

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  • 5,000 people showed up at 1 in the morning at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston to welcome the crew of Apollo 11 back- even though the three astronauts were still inside a quarantine trailer. The astronauts were able to speak to the crowd over a loudspeaker connected to the quarantine lab. The Apollo 11 astronauts mission was still a long way from over- they would soon go on a tour of the world.

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  • It would have been little noted at the time but a 34 year old music teacher named Gary Hinman was murdered in the Los Angeles area. This would begin the string of murders connected to the Manson Family. Manson family member Bobby Beausoleil would be be arrested on August 5th with Hinman’s car and be chared with the murder. The back story seems to be- there was a rumor that Manson heard that Hinman had came into some big money- and of course he wanted it. He sent some members over to Hinman’s to torture him. Hinman denied having any big windfall. Hinman was now dead.

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  • Born on this day- Paul Levesque – in Nashua, New Hampshire- he is better known as wrestler Triple H – Hunter Hearst Helmsley. I get a kick out of a few people I am acquainted with who really take this wresting stuff seriously.


  1. I wonder if there are any well-written books out there on the Manson murders. WWE is real enough to be danged entertaining. It and NBA coverage are the 2 things I miss most about having cable TV.

    • Hans may have something newer but the one I read a long time ago was Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry…Buglisoi was the prosecutor.

    • It probes it very well. He did update it on the 25th anniversery and I’m sure after that. He just passed away a couple of years ago.

    • A prosecutor would have access to the tiniest of minutaie (sp?) and that’s what I’m looking for. Have you seen that netflix series, The Making of a Murderer? OMG everybody on every floor at work watched that and the building was buzzing like a beehive as we discussed the cases.

    • Yes you are right…he had the inside details. It was a different case for sure…just for the fact that Manson didn’t actually physically kill anyone in that case…he as good as did but still.

      No but a co-worker of mine told me about it and wanted me to see it bad. It sounds really interesting.

    • The fact that Manson was able to keep living in prison and reach such notoriety was like a dream come true for him.

      You won’t believe what you see in this series. Last I heard the city of Manitowac, Wisconsin is suing somebody over ruining their reputation. I’d say with this case they ruined it all on their own!

    • Yea he didn’t want out…for good reason. One that is the only life he knew plus he knew he would have probably gotten plugged on the outside.

      Well I must see this now…sounds great. I remember the guy going on and on about it.

    • Now that is a comparison I will never forget…but you cannot argue with that. The guy had to have some serious charisma.

    • He made himself into the most famous criminal in American history and was never convicted of personally killing anyone. He was an evil person no doubt but a great con artist. 50 years later people are still fascinated… there have been much worse- as far as criminals- killers go- but he’s the poster boy.

    • If they would not have killed anyone high profile…I think it would have been harder to convict him I believe. Yes he was evil but most people think he was involved in the killings.

      He certainly gave hippies a bad name and had people terrified of them.

    • This new book makes claims that a lot of the Manson story told by Bugliosi is bunk- again I don’t know what to believe.

    • Is there any other books that you know of that covers the case? I haven’t checked in ages because that was the one for so long.

    • I am currently reading a book called Chaos which just came out- halfway through it- it is a conspiracy type book that discredits a lot of what Bugliosi wrote/ did in prosecuting Manson.. an interesting read – I really don’t know what to think of it- but the book does ask a lot of questions that weren’t asked back then. Helter Skelter I believe is still the best selling crime book ever.

    • That is interesting. My question would have been…how much info could he have released at that time? You would think the LAPD would not want a lot of info out…it was just 5 years afterward.

    • This new book- Chaos- seems to be building a case that Charlie was an informant. and that law enforcement for the most part would look the other way because they believed Charlie was going to go after the Black Panthers.

  2. Wow, I’ve never heard that theory ever, but it’s not beyond belief since there were so many groups, including the government, that were worried about MLK and Malcolm X getting any more powerful than they already were. But if the FBi had a dossier on Eleanor Roosevelt due simply to the fact that she was against lynching, believed in free speech and empowering women, then those black groups never had a chance, which is just exactly what happened.

    • the government has worked in mysterious ways… J Edgar had something on everyone- including presidents. When JFK was going to get rid of him–they had a meeting… that idea was dropped…

  3. My mind balks, though, at Charlie being an informant. He did seem evil and I want to say how could anyone work with evil like that? But then again, we gave lots of nazis jobs after the war, didn’t we? Just ’cause we wanted to use their brain power. Nice to have no morals, ethics, concern for humanity whatsoever, but get a sweet new life out of it as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened!

  4. Lol, re: Kennedy, J. Edgar probably just had a record of all the women Kennedy was sleeping with–something that seems benign by today’s standards of *scandalous* behavior.

    • Hoover protected himself by keeping tabs on any potential opponent. A different time- reporters covering JKF knew what he was doing but none of them ever thought of reporting it-today- there wouldn’t be a second thought. “I can bring down a president’–a career making story…

  5. Dylan was prophetic, huh? Or maybe it was obvious. But the times aren’t a-changing anymore. They’re already changed, for sure. Some good stuff, but seems like cons outweigh the pros…….

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