Every Entry Into The Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart- 1969- all three of today’s singles entered the chart on April 5, 1969. “In The Bad, Bad Old Days[ Before You Loved Me}- The Foundations, “Badge”- Cream and “Rhythm Of The Rain”-Gary Lewis & The Playboys.

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170. “In The Bad, Bad Old Days {Before You Loved Me}- The Foundations. Soul. Written by Tony Macaulay and John McLeod. B-side: “Give Me Love.” The follow up from their earlier 1969 hit -“Build Me Up Buttercup” their biggest hit- #3. “In The Bad, Bad Old Days” peaked at #51 and spent 7 weeks on the chart. A bi-racial soul group from the United Kingdom- The Foundations had 5 Hot 100 singles with 2 Top 40 hits. Grade. B



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171. “Badge”- Cream. Atco. Rock. Written by George Harrison and Eric Clapton. B-Side “What A Bringdown.” Cream’s short career was over- this would be their final single- peaking at #60 and spending 5 weeks on the chart. Written by band member Eric Clapton and his good friend Beatle George. Cream had 5 Hot 100 singles and 3 Top 40 hits. More of an album band than a singles band. Their biggest hit was “Sunshine Of Your Love” #5 in 1968.  Grade: A+


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172. “Rhythm Of The Rain”- Gary Lewis & The Playboys. Liberty. Pop. Written by John Claude Gummoe. B-side “Mister Memory.”  “Rhythm Of The Rain” a cover of The Cascades #3 hit in 1963- for Gary Lewis & The Playboys it peaked at #63 and spent 12 weeks on the chart. Gary Lewis is the son of the comedian Jerry Lewis. His band auditioned at Disneyland without telling the Disneyland folks who Lewis’s father was. They got the job and their act was soon selling out every night. Bandleader Les Brown a friend of Jerry’s told record producer Snuff Garrett about them- he checked them out- liked what he heard and signed them. They started out on fire- Their first single “This Diamond Ring” 1965 went to #1, their first 7 singles made the Top 10 and their first 10 singles made the Top 40- they were beginning to lose momentum in 1967- for one reason they were kind of the American answer to groups like Herman’s Hermits and Gerry and The Pacemakers- all who were falling out of favor at that time. Lewis was induced into the Army, when he was released the next year they were back at it but with little success. Overall they had 15 Hot 100 singles and 12 Top 40 singles. Gary Lewis was the singer- and also the drummer. They are still out there touring- a lot of the time with similar groups from that era. Grade: C-


  1. I can hear the “buttercup sound” in the first one. Absolutely adore Badge and delighted that George co-wrote it with EC. No idea Gary Lewis was Jerry’s son. They had some pretty good songs in their style.

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