Hans Remembers- News Headlines From Monday July 14, 1969.

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  • The Soccer War- a few weeks earlier El Salvador beat neighboring Honduras in the qualifying rounds for football’s 1970 World Cup. On this day El Salvador staged a sneak attack on Honduras- sending bombers, tanks and the army into Honduras. 5 days later there would be a ceasefire – by that time 4000 were dead, about 2000 on each side- including civilians.

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  • The War on Drugs- begins as President Richard Milhous Nixon sent a message to the U.S. Congress calling for ‘a comprehensive legislative proposal to control narcotis and to place in a single statute, a revised and modern plan for control.” Congress did pass the Controlled Substances Act of 1970- but 50 years later The so called War On Drugs continues. As Carver in my all time favorite show The Wire once said “You can’t even call this a war. War’s end. “

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  • Speaking of drugs- one of the most noted movies of 1969 was released on this day- Easy Rider. The iconic counterculture movie was written by Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Terry Southern and starred Fonda, Hopper and a yet to be superstar named Jack Nicholson. I almost forgot that nut Phil Spector also makes an appearance. The Fonda and Hopper are motorcyclists traveling through the Southwest and Southern United States carrying the proceeds from a cocaine deal. There is also a great music soundtrack. Rumor has it that the characters Wyatt and Billy- Fonda and were based on Roger McGuinn and David Crosby of The Byrds. One of 1969’s “Must See” movies.

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  • Bob Dylan and The Band made a surprise appearance at the Mississippi River Rock Festival which was held on the campus at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, Illinois. This was the first year for the festival- which would continue until 1980. This surprise appearance by Dylan was a short one- but it was his first concert since his motorcycle accident in 1966. Bob was back!

$10,000 Gold Certificate, Series 1928, Fr.2411, depicting Salmon P. Chase.

  • No more $500, $1000, $2000 or $10,000 dollar bills would be in circulation anymore – U.S. Treasury Secretary David M. Kennedy announced- nothing higher than $100.

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  • Clarence The Lion dead at 7. Clarence starred in the 1965 children’s film “Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion and on the CBS television show Daktari for four seasons. Clarence was on tour appearing at the Heart of Illinois Fair when he passed. In captivity from what I am reading a male lion’s life span is 15 to 25 years.


  1. Drugs and prosecuting drugs makes a lot of money for people on both sides of the law. This goes for the pill pusher doctors also, not just the stereotypical drug dealer. My belief is that if you give a person a purposeful and satisfying alternative, they won’t do drugs. The sheer # of people using “mind-altering substances” which includes legal and illegal substances shows how messed our country’s soul is right now. Easy Rider is the cinematic powerhouse that every young person should see at least once. Can you imagine holding a $10,000 bill in your hand? I can’t. So sorry about poor Clarence 😦

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