Every Entry Into The Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart- 1969- Part 56. Today’s three singles entered the charts on April 5, 1969- “Pinball Wizard”- The Who, ” I Don’t Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing [Open up The Door, I’ll Get It Myself} Part 1 and “To Know You Is To Love You’- Bobby Vinton.

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167. “Pinball Wizard”- The Who. Decca. Rock. Written by Pete Townshend. B-side “Dogs Part 2.” The Who certainly one of the greatest bands in rock history- were not a highly successful singles band in the US- they should have been but the facts are- they had 26 Hot 100 singles with 16  making the Top 40. They’re biggest hit was “I Can See For Miles” #9 in 1967. “Pinball Wizard” the most famous song from their most famous album “Tommy” peaked at #19 and spent 11 weeks on the chart. Elton John would cover it in 1975 for the movie version of Tommy but Elton never released it as anything more than a promotional single in the US. In the UK Elton’s version went to #7. Grade: A+


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168. “I Don’t Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing [Open Up The Door, I’ll Get It Myself} Part 1. King. Funk. Written by James Brown. B-side” I Don’t Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing- Part 2. 1969 was a big year for JB- this was his second of eight singles released in 1969 that would make the Billboard Hot 100- it peaked at #20 and spent 8 weeks on the chart. Grade: A



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169. “To Know You Is To Love You” – Bobby Vinton. Epic. Pop. Written by Phil Spector. B-side-“The Beat Of My Heart.”  Bobby Vinton “The Polish Prince” was from the same town- Canonsburg, Pa- a suburb of Pittsburgh that a generation earlier sent Perry Como up the pop charts. I was surprised at the number of hits Vinton had. From 1962-80 he had 47 Hot 100 singles with 33 making the Top 40- and he had 4 #1’s- 1962- his first single “Roses Are Red”, two in 1963 “Blue Velvet ” and ” There! I Said It Again” and 1964- “Mr. Lonely.” The British invasion hurt him a little but he was still getting his singles onto the charts for the rest of the decade consistently. Vinton is now 84 and living in Florida. “To Know You Is To Love You” was written by Phil Spector as “To Know Him Is To Love Him” and was his first hit- a #1 by the Teddy Bears in 1958. Spector was inspired to write the song from the words on his father’s tombstone. Phil may be about three bricks shy of a load -but he certainly in his day was a musical genius. What this has to do with Bobby Vinton? Anyway- “To Know You Is To Love You” went to #34 and spent 7 weeks on the chart. Pretty good for Vinton in the 1969 climate. Grade: C+


  1. Pinball Wizard is a big fish in the singles pool so far. I remember my mom had at least one Bobby Vinton (and at least one Bobby Vee). Seems like there were a lot of these single guy crooners back then. James Brown a little monotonous but you gotta give it to him for being sharp with the timing.

    • My mom had a friend who way back in the day before he was a star- probably when he was in high school went out on a date with Vinton. Said he was pretty stuck on himself lol

    • I don’t know if she despised him- just said that he was conceded. … I never understood how Winkler who was around 30 and looked 30 passed as a younger person- someone 30 acting as he did- would be pretty strange.

    • funny. like that guy in American Graffiti. At least they addressed his being so old and hanging with the young people in the movie. Nobody ever called The Fonz a creeper 😉

    • Maybe it was because i wasn’t around in the 50’s but while I watched Happy Days- I was never a big fan…. I do remember a big rumor that Winkler had died in a motorcycle crash…in the pre-internet days it was hard to check those things out….same with Prince- I remember spending an evening in around 1984 trying to find out if the Prince is Dead rumors were true.

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