The following movies were released in June 1969- 50 years ago- are well known ones.

The Italian Job Poster

June 5- The Italian Job. Comic caper movie about a plan to steal a gold shipment from the streets of Turin by creating a traffic jam- starring Michael Caine, Benny Hill and Noel Coward.


June 6- Hook, Line & Sinker. A comedy starring Jerry Lewis. It was the last movie made by director George Marshall who began his career in 1916. A little Jerry Lewis goes a long way.



June 11- True Grit- An American western starring The Duke- John Wayne who won an Oscar for Best Actor for this movie. Also Glen Campbell and Kim Darby.

Rascal poster.jpg

June 11- Rascal. A Disney film starring Billy Mumy and Walter Pidgeon.


June 13- Blue Movie. An Andy Warhol movie. Andy Warhol one of the most overrated people of the 20th century. Just sayin’

The Wild Bunch.JPG

June 18-The Wild Bunch. A western starring William Holden, Ernie Borgnine, Warren Oates, Robert Ryan, Strother Martin and Ben Johnson. One of the best movies of 1969. Directed by Sam Peckinpah.


June 18-Eye Of The Cat- A horror movie starring Michael Sarrazin, Gayle Hunnicut and Eleanor Parker.

Last Summer - poster - 1969.jpg

June 19- Last Summer. A coming of age movie starring Catherine Burns, Barbara Hershey, Bruce Davison and the future John Boy Walton- Richard Thomas.

Chastity Poster

June 24- Chasity. The movie debut of Cher Bono.


June 25- The Bridge At Remagen. World War II movie starring George Segal, Ben Gazzara and Robert Vaughn.


June 25- The Chairman.  A spy film starring Gregory Peck.

Hello down there.jpg

June 25- Hello Down There. A comedy-adventure film starring Tony Randall, Janet  Leigh and Roddy McDowall.

18 responses to “JUNE 1969 AT THE MOVIES

  1. They just don’t make movies like these anymore. True Grit is 50??? Now you are making me feel old. Michael Caine and Benny Hill in the same movie??? Have you ever seen, It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World?

    • Yes – IT’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World is a fun movie- I am thinking it is on Turner Movies this weekend or sometime soon…

    • sometimes i wonder why i keep it. to quote a Bruce song -57 channels and nothing on– maybe more like 200 channels and nothing on today.

    • I think the wave is moving more towards streaming internet channels. Cable may become a thing of the past. Remember when the video store rented VHS tapes? On another related subject, have you seen Bohemian Rhapsody yet? It was danged good!

    • Things change quickly- the video stores came and went pretty quickly.. i bet in ten years it will be a totally new ballgame.

  2. The biggest farce ever, calling John Wayne an actor. The man could not act his way out of a bag of uncooked rice. All they did was give him a different name, and a movie with a different cast. He was a movie star, yes, but he was never an actor.

  3. What’s wrong with Chastity? She’s gay. Duh.

    I’ve never heard of most of these.

    I agree with you on Warhol.

    I will be changing my strategy on movies in the future…and music. Because of you, I will be highlighting releases instead of #1s. I’m skipping over a lot of stuff just because it didn’t float to the top.

    • I always had thought Cher’s first movie was the one with Nick Cage- Moonlighting?.. I guess not. .. Overall I don’t think 1969 was a great movie year- most of the ones I’ve listed every month- forgotten ones.

  4. Yes! I’m not the only one who thinks John Wayne (much like Andy Warhol) was TOTALLY overrated. He sucked and it was absurd how he kept playing in war movies when he was a draft dodger! He claims he wasn’t, but there’s a big question mark, in the end, over why he never went. Also not against draft dodgers. Just against John Wayne dodging and then playing soldiers and whatnot.

    • Marion up there with Warhol I agree on the overrated list. It is kind of amazing how 40 years later he is still as popular as he is.

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