Every Entry Into The Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart- 1969- Part 35. The following three singles entered the chart on March 1, 1969. “Rock Me”-Steppenwolf, “”Gimme Gimme Good Lovin”- Crazy Elephant, “Snatching It Back”- Clarence Carter. All three singles made the Top 40 and I’ve heard them all before listening today.

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104. “Rock Me”- Steppenwolf. Dunhill. Rock. Written by John Kay. B-side: Jupiter Child. Steppenwolf was formed in Los Angeles in 1967- named after a 1927 Herman Hesse novel. The band was fronted by singer John Kay.  From 1968-74 they had 13 Hot 100 singles with 7 making the Top 40. Their most success came early with their first three singles making the Top 10- “Born To Be WIld” #2 and “Magic Carpet Ride” #3 in 1968 and this single “Rock Me” #10 spending 10 weeks in the Hot 100 in 1969. Grade: B.



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105. “Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'” -Crazy Elephant. Bell.  Bubblegum. Written by Joey Levine and RItchie Cordell.  B-side: Dark Part of My Mind. Another one of those made in the studio groups from the late 60’s bubblegum music craze. One hit wonders- this is the only charted single they would have. “Gimme GImme Good Lovin'” peaked at #12 and spent 13 weeks in the Hot 100 in the spring of 1969. Grade: B-



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106. “Snatching It Back”- Clarence Carter. Atlantic. Soul. Written by Clarence Carter and George Jackson. B-side: “Making Love{At The Dark End Of The Street.} Clarence Carter was born in Montgomery, Alabama in 1936- he lost his sight at the age of one. Carter taught himself to play guitar at 11. He became an R&B vocalist/ guitarist who from 1967-73 had 17 Hot 100 singles- with 5 making the Top 40- his biggest hit would be “Patches” in 1970- #4. He was at one time married to Candi Staton [Young Hearts Run Free.} “Snatching It Back” peaked at #31 and spent 10 weeks in the Hot 100. Clarence Carter is now 83 and continues to tour. Grade: A.


    • Off topic- watched the movie this morning and really enjoyed it. Thanks for the recommendation! When I saw Nick Hornby was involved I figured it had to be good.

    • The scenes that stuck out to me- 1- The Wire scene when her boyfriend was teaching The Wire to those college students- my favorite show ever. 2- the hospital scene where the poor fella had a heart attack and everyone is screaming at him- except his young son 3- the beach scene where the ex boyfriend doesn’t even recognize the guy he idolizes.. 4- the scene where the ex- boyfriend is eating dinner with them and the Ethan Hawke character is denying the album is any good and the ex boyfriend is setting him straight-. 5 the waterloo sunset scene 6- the end when the ex boyfriend is saying his new album is a load of crap…. is it one of them?.. as far as the ex-boyfriend yes I see some of his fan obsessiveness in me!

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