Hans Remembers- News Headlines From Thursday June 12 and Friday June 13, 1969.

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  • All systems are go- for Apollo 11 to launch for the Moon on July 16th. The director of the Apollo program U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General Samuel Phillips gave the thumbs up to the history making mission in an 80 minute telephone conference between NASA officials in Houston, Cape Kennedy, Huntsville, and Washington, D.C. The original schedule had Astronaut Neil Armstrong walking on the Moon at 2:22 AM EST on July 21st but public pressure make them come to their senses and move the historic event- mankind’s first steps on the Moon to 9:56 PM EST on July 20th- six and a half hours after the Moon landing. Smart move. Although even the eight year old me would have been up watching it no matter what time it was scheduled.

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  • Niagara Falls was turned off today for the first time in history. A cofferdam was put in place behind the American Falls portion of the U.S. and Canadian waterfall.American Falls would run dry for the next 5 months and 13 days as repairs were to be made to prevent erosion of the riverbed. During the time American Falls was closed they let tourists walk across part of the area where the river had been running. The dam was removed on November 25, 1969 and everything was back to normal.

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  • Born on this day 50 years ago was longtime NHL defenseman- Mathieu Schneider in New York City. Schneider would have an NHL career which lasted from 1989-2010 -he played for ten different teams- scoring 233 goals and 743 points. He was part of the last Canadian team to hoist the Stanley Cup- the Montreal Canadians of 1993.
  • Headlines from Friday June 13, 1969–

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  • Just a couple days after the dismissal of founder Brian Jones from The Rolling Stones- The Stones had a photo call at Hyde Park in London to announce that Mick Taylor who had previously played with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers- had joined the band as the new guitarist. The 20 year old Taylor would make his debut with The Rolling Stones in early July during a free concert at Hyde Park. The end of one era of The Rolling Stones and the beginning of another.


  1. Funny about the time of the moon landing. I remember my parents waking me up in the middle of the night to watch. Actual time 956pm. But I guess to a 4 year old it must have felt like the middle of the night !

    • You remember it? What I recall is the excitement. My family was visiting family friends that evening and we left for home to get back in time to see it. I was really into the Apollo program. I still remember all the astronauts and what missions they were on etc… I couldn’t tell you one astronaut active today. The Space Shuttle just doesn’t capture the imagination.

    • That’s funny, Paul. Yes, the memory of a child is different. Recently Hans remember me telling you about that big book Men of Iron that my teacher had me read in grade school and what a big book it was? Well I found what I think was the original volume in the library system and borrowed it. It was a pretty small book with 233 pages. Seeing is believing!

    • 8:56 CDT I was riding back from Winnipeg Beach after spending the day with friends, and the girl I almost married. We lustened to the broadcast on the radio, stopped the car, looked up at the moon, but couldn’t see a damn thing. We waved anyway…

  2. Very strange about “turning Niagara Falls off”, like turning off a light or something. I cringe to think of the wildlife that perished. Mick Taylor was only 20 when he joined The RS??? Amazing.

    • I was amazed by Taylor only being 20 then I thought about it the rest of the Stones were older but not that much older. I always forget how young George was even when The Beatles broke up- like 26-27 depending on how you look at it- [The Beatles had pretty much ceased operations when he was 26.. officially when he was 27.}

    • I watched a youtube video last night about George’s guitars. It was 20 minutes long and it was pretty fun to watch. There is a slide show with it that shows either the guitar or picture of him playing the guitars.

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