Every Entry Into The Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart – 1969- Part 20. There were seventeen singles which entered the charts on February 8, 1969- here are the first three. I have previously heard them all- all three ended up being Top 40 hits.

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58. “Traces”- Classic IV featuring Dennis Yost.  Imperial. Soft rock. Written by Buddy Buie, J.R. Cobb,  and Emory Gordy Jr.  B-side “Mary, Mary Row Your Boat.” Classic IV a group from Jacksonville, Florida had a dozen Hot 100 hits- with 5 reaching the Top 40. They made their hits count- “Spooky” #3 in 1967, “Stormy”  #5 in 1968 and this song “Traces” #2 in 1969 their biggest hit -it spent 12 weeks in the Hot 100. Tommy Roe’s “Dizzy” blocked it from the #1 spot. Three of the members of Classic IV joined the Atlanta Rhythm Sectoin in 1974.  Grade : B.


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59. “Time Of The Season”- The Zombies. Date. Rock. Written by Rod Argent. B-side: “Friends Of Mine.”  The Zombies had three big hits that they are remembered for- “She’s Not There” #2 in 1964, “Tell Her No” #6 in 1965 and their last hit “Time Of The Season” #3 in 1969 , it spent  13 weeks in the Hot 100. . The song was written and recorded in August 1967 at Abbey Road Studios- and was on The Zombies most acclaimed album Odessey and Oracle. “Time Of The Season” took some time to gather steam as a single and by the time it became a hit The Zombies had broken up. The Zombies would get my vote for the most underappreciated group from the British Invasion. They had the three big hits but they deserved much better. Finally they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1969. There is a box set out there called Zombie Heaven- that is terrific. Grade:A+

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60. “You Gave Me A Mountain:- Frankie Laine. ABC. Easy Listening.  Written by Marty Robbins. B-side” The Secret of Happiness.” One of the most unlikely hits of 1969 in my opinion. Frankie Lanie was a singer from another era. His biggest successes came before the rock era when he had 44 pop hits from 1947-54. He was fifty-five in 1969 and hadn’t have a big hit since the mid 1950’s. Marty Robbins had written this song and recorded it but the most successful version would be this one by Frankie Laine which went to #24 in the Hot 100- staying in the Hot 100 for 11 weeks.  It went to #1 on the Easy Listening chart. The song lists a number of challenges the singer has endured in his life. It would be Laine’s last Top 40 hit. Grade: B.


  1. I thought Traces was Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons! Yes! on the Zombies. I heard Marty Robbins last week singing You Gave Me a Mountain and thought it was a good spiritual.

  2. Saw The Zombies about 10 or 15 years ago in Fort MacLeod, Alberta, where Brokeback Mountain wss filmed. One of the best concerts I’ve seen in years, excepting Eric Burdon.Rod Argent’s son, I think it was, was playing drums.
    Their three hits were not the only good songs they had in their repetoire. They played a couple hours, and put on a fantastic show. Not bad for a bunch of senior citizens.
    Yes, they seemed underrated by some in the 60s but not by this commentor. You want underrated, look at The Yardbirds. Nobody talks about them anymore, or plays them. They were world-shakers in the day.

    • The Zombies have been touring in recent years if they come nearby I am there. Was never much of a Yardbirds fan- not that I dislike them they just didn’t do it for me.

    • I feel sorry for you. Not that I’m saying you “must” like any band, who you like is up to you. But no matter who was playing guitar for them, Keith Relf had a fantastic voice that suited their sound well. Their list of hits is phenominal, and the band they bred, some bunch of unknowns called Led Zeppelin, or something like that, well, the rest is history.
      One of the most important bands of the British invasion, it’s like they never existed.
      But each to their own…

      And speaking of each to their own, I was thinking about this series you are doing, which is a fine piece of hard work, I thought of a way you could improve it. The flaw in your appointment, for me, is not being told the top three or five songs of each week. You wouldn’t have to play them, but just list them at the start, or even the end, when you switch entry dates.
      Yeah, it wasn’t part of the plan, I realize that, and I might be your only reader who feels that something is missing, but I’m a lazy old codger; I need to be led around by the ring in my ear. And despite my complaint I think you are doing a wonderful job, did I say that already? Thank you.

      And just in case you are wondering, I don’t use the “like” button. I figure if I “follow” your blog I like it. So don’t feel it necessary to “like” my comments, my ego can’t be boosted any higher than it already is, lol.

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