Hans Remembers- Headlines from 50 years ago today- Monday April 21, 1969.

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  • The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger wrote a letter to Andy Warhol on this day- the famous Pop Artist had agreed to design the artwork for The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers album. Warhol’s final product would be one of the most memorable album covers- the design with the working zipper which would be very difficult to mass produce. In the letter Jagger writes Warhol- “In my short sweet experience, the more complicated the format of the album… the more f–ked up the reproduction and agonising delays.”

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  • Born on this day April 21, 1969- English actor Toby Stephens-best known for his role in the James Bond film “Die Another Day”- as villain Gustav Graves.

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  • In the 73rd annual Boston Marathon the winner was Yoshiaki Unetani of Japan who completed the race in 2 hours 13 minutes and 49 seconds. He was a high school teacher back in his native Japan who also trained for the Marathon. He would later compete in the 1972 Olympic Marathon finishing 36th.  He was born in Hiroshima in 1944.

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  • Tensions continue to increase in Northern Ireland- The Ministry of Defence in London announced on this day that British troops would be used in Northern Ireland to guard key public installations following a series of recent bombings.  Things would get a lot worse during The Troubles- before they got better.



  1. In 1993 I was in Belfast for my job. We were supposed to stay at one hotel, but at the last minute were switched to another.
    After a good night on the Guinness, I’d opted for breakfast in the room. It didn’t arrive. Phoning down, I was told to come down to the restaurant on the first floor (that’s one floor up from the ground floor for American readers).
    Something was wrong.
    Then I felt, rather than heard, the explosion.
    The first hotel (the Europa where we had originally booked) had been targeted by one of the last big bombs of the Troubles.
    After a while I got to the office and phoned home. Apparently I was talking in tongues (which is pretty awesome for an atheist) I was so out of it.
    Before I left the guys in the Belfast office gave me a pile of toys for my kids.

  2. 50 years ago I was a 9 year old farm-girl living in rural isolation, unaware of racial intolerance, cold war hysteria or the Rolling Stones. 37 years ago, April 21, 1982 I exchanged wedding vows with my husband in a chapel on the Las Vegas strip. Both April 21’s seem like yesterday – funny how time passes. 🙂

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