Hans Remembers- Saturday April 19, 1969- Headlines from that day- 50 years ago.

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  • The Troubles in Northern Ireland- on this date 50 years ago there was rioting in the Bogside area of Derry with clashes between marchers from the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association and the Loyalists and members of the Royal Ulster Constabulary. A number of Royal Ulster Constabulary officers entered the house of a man not involved  in what was going on- Samual Devenny- beat him severely with batons causing internal injuries and a heart attack.Devenny would die of his injuries in July 1969. Police also beat Devenny’s 16 and 18 year old daughters. There would be much more violence in this area in 1969-including the Battle of Bogside in mid August.

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  • Born 50 years ago today- Susan Polgar- Hungarian-born, American chess Grandmaster. She was the first woman to earn the title of Grandmaster thorugh tournament play. She was the Women’s Chess World Champion from 1996-99. She has also been very active as a chess teacher, coach,and promoter. She became the highest ranked woman player in 1984 and spent the next 23 years ranked in the top three. Her younger sisters Zsofia and Judit are also highly ranked players.