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1969 Song of the Day- Soul Deep -by The Box Tops. Soul Deep was written by Tommy Cogbill and legendary Memphis songwriter and producer Chips Moman. The original version of the song was by Robbie Lane and The Disciples in 1966. Soul Deep was the first of three singles released on The Box Tops Dimensions album. The Box Tops version was sung by Alex Chilton. The single peaked at #18 on the Billboard Hot 100.  Soul Deep would be the 7th and final Top 40 by The Box Tops. Their biggest hits were “The Letter” #1 in 1967 and “Cry Like A Baby” #2 in 1968. Chilton in 1971 would form the legendary but criminally overlooked Big Star.

4 responses to “1969 SONG OF THE DAY- SOUL DEEP- THE BOX TOPS

  1. Great song times 10… This is my favorite of the Box Tops. The Letter and Cry Like a Baby were very good but this one resonated with me.

    Offtopic… I downloaded The Big Fella but I haven’t started it..and it’s your fault Hans lol.
    You brought up Ball Four and I just had to explore those characters again…I almost hate when he gets traded to Houston because of those wonderful characters I miss like Joe Schultz and Fred Talbot.

    • Yes I agree- I wish he had stayed the entire season with the Pilots- the book is still good after the trade but those characters on the Pilots- can’t be topped. I read a bit more last night- I am into July now. Steve Hovley was just called back up from the minors!

  2. A wonderful sound. This is the first time seeing what they looked like. I remember the summer “The Letter” was on the air. So much happened around this time, most of it not good. The music was a comfort no matter the situation.

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