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Songs I like by Artist’s I Don’t- “Friends In Low Places”- Garth Brooks. I can’t stand Garth Brooks- aka- “The Anti-Hank.” “Friends In Low Places” from Barf’s second album “No Fences” was his 3rd #1 country hit. I had never heard him- I was in a record store and this song was played- my first thought was that it was a new Hank Williams Jr. song- I found out later it was some fella named Barf Brooks. One of my students was obsessed with Barf- this was in the early 90’s- Barf had three albums out- and he brought in the CD’s and asked me to listen to them, that I was sure to love them. I took them home that night and listened to all three of them- and immediately hated them all – except- this song “Friends In Low Places”- now I knew who did the song- I had to admit he had one song I liked.  The student was disappointed when I told him I wasn’t a fan. Funny I can still picture this kid [ who is now 30 years later in his late 40s] but I can’t recall his name because I always called him Garth.  Anyway. Over the years I”ve heard more Barf and my opinion on him only grew stronger. I read a book on country music I wish I could remember the  title- but there was a chapter on him and Waylon Jennings called him the most insincere person he ever knew. I wasn’t surprised. It seemed like an act to me also. But anyway- who will ever forget his alter ego Chris Gaines- and that album! I know Barf would love to forget that. Barf is about one thing- selling albums and his album count. At one point at Wallyworld he had his entire discography packaged together -like 7 or 8 albums at the time and was selling it for under $20.  Anyhow- I can’t stand this guy or his music. But I will admit that I do like “Friends In Low Places.”



  1. I agree. Brooks is a megalomaniac. But, to me, anyway, most of the time he allows his better angels to sway. He’s very philanthropic and generous. Just the other night one of our DJs worked a Country Music Association event and Garth Brooks was there. He helped our DJ load his gear after the show.
    I’m not a fan of his music either. Friends in Low Places is all right. I would have liked it better if Waylon or Willie or Merle Haggard had done it. I also like The Dance, but that’s about it.

  2. Hey thriller, nice to see you posting again 🙂 About Garth, I never thought much about him one way or another except I thought he was cute. This song was very popular at the honky tonk I used to frequent.

  3. He was the hot dude of his time & “Thunder Rolls” created a lot of controversy. People went nuts over him. Got tangled up with Trisha Yearwood & destroyed his marriage.

    Some of his music was good but, he was hyped to much.

    I prefer Toby Keith. At least he has a sense of humor.

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