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1969 Song of the Day- “Atlantis”- Donovan. By 1969 Donovan’s run of success was about to end. This was his 8th Top 40 hit in the US- he would only have one more. He was more successful in the UK with 11 Top 40 career hits- and those hits tended to chart a little higher there. He had only one more hit in the UK after “Atlantis.” “Atlantis ” was written by Donovan Leitch about the most likely fictional island out in the Atlantic Ocean. There has always been talk that Beatle Paul McCartney provided back up vocals and played tambourine on the song. This is denied by both Donovan and McCartney and by Beatle author and expert- Mark Lewisohn. If Mark Lewisohn says it didn’t happen- it didn’t. Lewisohn says that Paul spent the month when the song was recorded- at his farm in Scotland.


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