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Songs I Like by Artists I Don’t- ‘Armageddon It’ by Def Leppard. I never had any use for Def Leppard- they had 15 Top 40 hits in the US- and I didn’t like 14 of them- but I do like 1988’s #3 hit- “Armageddon It” from their Hysteria album- which had six of those 14 hits on it. This band thanks to producer the former Mr. Shania Twain- Mutt Lang-had great commercial success for a good decade- and were all over MTV in its early years. I think my feelings on the group are best summed up from the mid 80’s- my cousin was complaining about his boom box eating one of this tapes- I asked which one was it- he said “Def Leppard’sĀ  Pyromania”- I replied “Well be thankful it wasn’t anything good.” The comment didn’t go over well with him- but it was the truth. Pop metal trash one step ahead of Poison. Heck for years I thought Pour Some Sugar On Me- was a Poison song-it’s that bad. Armageddon It though I like.


  1. I feel pretty much the same about them…Whenever I heard “Gunter Glieben Glauten Globen” I would rip the knob off trying to change the station. I just liked a different song…Bringin On The Heartbreak…one of the early ones….this one is not bad.

    • LOL on the Gunter Glieben Glauten Globen….. they did have the best one armed drummer in rock and roll.. i know that was uncalled for.

    • sort of not off topic- Johnny Hutch who sat in for Tommy Moore behind the drums – and then claims he was offered the position after Pete Best was axed- died today at 78.

    • Oh man…they are all going.
      He was the tough one who said he wouldn’t join them for a “Gold Clock”… I know that many people said he was a great drummer but a really tough guy. That is sad.

  2. We will DEFINITELY have to disagree. They started in 1977…pre-hair band days. While, I agree that they got slick support from Lange, they are not an ’80s’ band. They are a ’70s’ band that shifted gears and adapted. They are a product of the British metal movement that produced Iron Maiden & Motorhead.

    I agree that Poison is trash. But, don’t put Def Leppard in the same category with them or any glam metal group. They were just smart enough to survive past the 70s, survive their drummer losing an arm, survive the alcohol death of Steve, are dealing with the cancer of Vivian and, they have never broken up.

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