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The Rolling Stones Song of the Day is- Tumbling Dice. Tumbling Dice is the last song on side 1 of The Rolling Stones double album “Exile On Main St.”- it was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. One of my favorite songs ever by The Rolling Stones- it was the big hit off of this album- it went to #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US and to #5 in the UK singles chart. The b-side is “Sweet Black Angel.” An early version of this song was worked on during the Sticky Fingers sessions in 1970- the original title was Good Time Woman. A big difference in the original and what they came up with in the end- is the original lacked a guitar riff. Tumbling Dice was recorded in the French chateau that Keith Richards had rented in the summer of 1971. Bill Wyman wasn’t in attendance when the song was recorded- Mick Taylor plays the bass and Mick Jagger played guitar. Rolling Stone Magazine ranks “Tumbling Dice” at #424 on their Greatest Songs Ever list. Linda Ronstadt would cover the song in the late 70s- her single version went to #32. There was controversy in- not the Stones original but in Ronstadt’s remake- she changed the lyrics a bit- she changed The Stones opening of- “Women think I’m tasty but they’re always tryin’ to waste me.” to People try to rape me. Always think I’m crazy.”  Then of course it gets twisted around  years later- in 2001 before Congress Hilary Rosen representing the record association listed Tumbling Dice as a song that would be in danger of censorship- ‘a song about rape written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.”


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  2. I was wondering when you’d get to this one. Again, not a huge Stones fan but who can resist singing and dancing to Tumbling Dice?

    • I go in order that the songs were released- when I get to an album- I follow the album in order.. Tumbling Dice is a great sing a long song!

  3. Tumbling Dice is one of the best of this era of the Stones. It’s what R&R is all about. Shocking and disturbing about the lyrics in front of Congress. Hoping that it was clarified right then and there?

  4. Clever song and one of their great ones. This is one Stones song that I can hear over and over and not get tired of…unlike Start Me Up.

    • It is a good thing…strange but a good thing.

      Offtopic… I finished Careless Love…I’m writing something tomorrow. I enjoyed it more than Last Train to Memphis and that is saying alot. I have a different view of him now…a better view but the story is so frustrating.

    • I can’t see anyone topping those two books on Elvis- i really don’t think anyone since has even tried. Yes after reading those books my view of him changed. Glad you enjoyed the books.

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