Songs I like- by Artists I Don’t- Crazy Horses by The Osmonds. Yes you read it right- Crazy Horses by The Osmonds. I don’t know if the boys stumbled across Keith Richards medicine box and sampled the good or what- this is unlike any of the other hits they did. When I first heard this I thought for sure the song was misidentified- this isn’t The Osmonds! This isn’t a great song but for The Osmonds it is. This is the only hit by The Osmonds that featured Jay Osmond as the lead vocalist. Maybe they should have done this more often. Much to my surprise The Osmonds wrote this song- Alan, Merrill and Wayne Osmond were the writers. To quote Merrill-  “Before that, my brothers and I had been what’s now called a boyband: all our songs were chosen for us by the record company. But now, having been successful, we wanted to freak out and make our own music. We were rehearsing in a basement one day when Wayne started playing this heavy rock riff. I came up with a melody and Alan got the chords. Within an hour, we had the song. I had always been the lead singer, but I sang Crazy Horses with Jay. The line “What a show, there they go, smoking up the sky” had to be sung higher, so I did that and Jay did the verses because his voice was growlier, and this track was heavier than anything we’d ever done.”

What makes the song even greater is- it was banned in South Africa because censors thought ‘horses’ was referring to heroin. It was banned in France-because they thought ‘smoking up the sky’- was a drug reference. Imagine The Osmonds being banned! Renegades! Crazy Horses peaked at #14 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1972.



  1. I’ve never heard this song before. I had NO IDEA the Osmonds wrote/performed a song like this, and I was shocked to read it was banned in certain countries. The Osmonds! Thanks for sharing this.

    • a few months ago on the American Top 40 replay I heard Casey Kasem say- at # whatever– The Osmonds and Crazy Horses–and this came on- I thought there was something wrong like they played the wrong song- but no it was The Osmonds. They should have done more like this. I guess that may have distanced themselves from their fan base.. crazy!

  2. This one my sister didn’t play…wow. I never knew they had this song. This is a long damn way from One Bad Apple.

  3. I was in the other room when this started playing and it startled me. This song kicks butt for an Osmonds tune. Oh the freedom it must have made them feel! They probably needed extra blessings from the church after this one. LOL banned because they thought horses was heroin, funniest thing I read all day

  4. I just watched it again. It’s so funny how they are singing this “tough” song, but they’ve been forced to have a frozen smile so long, it’s really messing with their expressions. This video and song will not soon be forgotten by moi.

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