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Hans Mount Rushmore of All-Time Great Montreal Expos/ Washington Nationals franchise.  A franchise that has never been to a World Series but has had their share of outstanding players- players worth considering- Gary Carter, Ryan Zimmerman, Tim Wallach, Tim Raines, Andre Dawson, Vladimir Guerrero, Bryce Harper, Steve Rogers and Max Scherzer. Only Rogers played his entire career in the uniform- Zimmerman is still playing and has- the others have played on other teams.

1. GARY CARTER- The Kid played a dozen years with the Expos and made 7 of his 11 All-Star teams as an Expo- hitting 220 home runs and his three gold gloves as an Expo. For a catcher he was very durable an outstanding hitting catcher who was also a very good defender. He was the heart of those Expos teams in the late 70’s to mid-80s. Loved this enthusiasm for playing the game.

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2. TIM RAINES.- The National Leagues version of Rickey Henderson- of course he wasn’t as great as Rickey but no one who did what Rickey could do was. A great lead off man with speed and some pop. He led the league in steals four seasons in a row as an Expo and won an NL battling championship with them in 1986. Played with the Expos 13 seasons- was finally elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame on his final try. He should have been a first ballot Hall of Famer. .294 lifetime hitter with 808 steals.

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3. ANDRE DAWSON- The Hawk played with the Expos for 11 seasons before moving on to the Cubs. Had some big years as an Expo-he was consistent and durable. Was Rookie of the Year in 1977. Won four Gold Gloves and was an excellent fielder before injuries took their toll on him later in his career. I always thought he looked like Lionel Richie.  I don’t know how those late 70’s -early 80’s Expos didn’t win anything. A lot of talent on those teams. They gave my Pirates a run for the money in 1979.

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4. VLADIMIR GUERRERO- Had 8 seasons with the Expos-and only 6 full seasons or he’d rank higher on the list- all these players are in the Hall of Fame but Vlad The Impailer is the only first ballot Hall of Famer. As an Expo he was a .323 hitter with power- 234 of his home runs came with them. He had speed-he could do it all. In a 5 year stretch he had between 34-44 home runs, 100 plus runs and Rbi’s. The Expos just couldn’t afford to keep him and like with Andre Dawson his first year out of Montreal- he won an MVP Award. His son Vladimir Jr is considered the #1 prospect in baseball now for the Toronto Blue Jays.


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  1. I always liked the Expos logo. They did have a lot of talent on those late seventies and early eighties teams. They would have gone to the World Series if not for Rick Monday’s home run. One day I think they will get a team again. Great choices.

    • I may have said it before- but I was at a game in 1992 at Olympic Stadium and this was what 15-16 years into that stadium and it was a dump. Of course the big question do they still have a team if 1994 strike doesn’t happen?

    • I know… that team was going places… I don’t think you told me… it looked like a dump from television… cold and empty.

    • No atmosphere. it just seemed like the place wasn’t being taken care of either. it was the worst ballpark I’ve seen a game at.

    • I am trying to think of a multi sport stadium that works for baseball….Busch Stadium was good for baseball because of the atmosphere of the fans…otherwise..

    • The Pirates had some good teams while at Three Rivers in the 70’s and then in the early 80’s- it was exciting watching them play but the stadium was stale. When they had bad teams going to games was like being at a morgue.

    • I’m still trying to think of more. The Astrodome was dead…interesting but dead.
      Camden Yards started a good trend except for Chicago.

    • I took in one game at The Dome the only good thing about it- it was a july day in Houston- it was so nice to go inside out of the heat- but it felt like watching baseball at a movie theater.

    • That is a great analogy. I think of one thing…Bad News Bears Breaking Training. It’s too bad they couldn’t ever get the grass to grow.
      It must have really been something though when it was originally opened.

    • my uncle was stationed in the air force in the 60s in Louisiana and he went to games at the old outdoor park- he said for sure an indoor park had to be built that the mesquetos were just unbearable.. its odd how at one time it was the 9th wonder of the world or whatever and a couple decades later- a tired old place.

    • I can’t believe it is still standing. Do they use it for anything? I can’t imagine how hot it was at that old outdoor stadium.

    • Wow… I guess it will be around a long time

      On Feb. 13, the Harris County Commissioner’s court approved a $105 million project that would reconfigure the Astrodome into an event center.

    • I guess that is a good thing- it is an historic place. It would be great if some of those old ballparks were still around- I understand why they aren’t but it would be great to visit say Ebbets Field.

    • Ebbets Field and for some reason Tiger Stadium is the one I would have so much like to see. Glad you got to actually see it….Polo Grounds and Forbes Field would have been nice to see also.

    • Forbes was fantastic but I remember when 3 Rivers first opened as is always the case people were all excited about the new place but within a few years I think most released what they lost- Forbes was a baseball park- 3 Rivers certainly wasn’t. I haven’t heard anyone say since PNC opened in 2001- ‘boy i miss old Three Rivers”- I miss some of the great teams they had then but the stadium had nothing to do with that.

    • Something is coming back to me… wasn’t Forbes field where the Babe hit one out of the park completely when he was a Brave?
      Now we only have two left that the Babe and others from his era played at…Wrigley and Fenway. I think but could be wrong that Dodger Stadium is the next oldest. That is early sixties…a big gap.

      Yes I would imagine it was great because it was new…but that wore off quickly. I hated astroturf.

    • The Babe hit 3 homers in a game- the last home runs he ever hit- at Forbes Field and one was over the right field roof which didn’t happen too often- I saw Stargell hit one of those off of Tom Seaver. It was done something like 30 times in the history of the ballpark and Stargell did it like 20 of those times– not exact numbers but i think close.

    • Yes! The Babe’s last hurrah really. Stargell was one of the only ones who hit it out of Dodger Stadium…that is cool you got to see it.

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