It was fifty years ago today- Friday March 14, 1969- here are some of the headlines from that day-

  • President Richard Milhous Nixon approved the implementation of the Safeguard Program- which was anti-ballistic missile defense program that would protect American missile bases against a direct attack by the Soviet Union. Safeguard would protect the U.S. Air Forces Minutemen ICBM silos from attack.

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  • Future NBA star Larry Johnson was born on this day 50 years ago in Tyler, Texas. Johnson would play his college basketball at UNLV where he was the College Basketball Player of the Year- before being the first overall pick in the 1991 NBA draft by the Charlotte Hornets. The two-time All-Star would play with the Hornets from 1991-96 and the New York Knicks 1996-2001. Johnson may be best remembered from the Grandmama commercial for Converse- linked below.


  • Artist Ben Shahn died at the age of 70 in New York City on this date. Shahn was born in present-day Lithuania. He was best known for his social realism, left winged views and lectures on The Shape of Content. Above is his The Passion of Sacco and Vanzetti from 1967.

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  • Former Chicago Cub and New York Giant third baseman- second baseman Heinie Zimmerman died at the age of 82. Zimmerman played from 1907 until 1919 and was a career .295 hitter. He was born and died in The Bronx, New York. 1912 was his finest season when as a Cub he led the National League in batting average and home runs. Zimmerman’s career ended after 1919 when he along with his friend Hal Chase were attempting to convince other players to fix games. Both Zimmerman and Chase were indicted for bribery – Zimmerman denied the accusations which were made by his manager John McGraw and nothing was ever proved but he was done as far as Major League Baseball went.


  • On this day in 1969- Edward M. Burke was elected alderman of the 14th ward in Chicago. Burke is still serving fifty years later- the longest serving alderman in Chicago history. The Chicago Sun-Times has called him the most powerful alderman. Burke is now 75- being 25 when he was first elected.