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Hans Worst Hits of the 90’s- “Rush Rush” by Paula Abdul. Paula Abdul was made for MTV. Without music videos we would have never heard of her. As a singer she was photogenic, a good dancer  a noted choreographer and attractive. As a Laker girl she was discovered by The Jacksons. One more reason to dislike the Lakers and The Jacksons. As a singer she isn’t Aretha Franklin- her big problem is she couldn’t sing- not that the masses seemed to care at least for a brief period of time- she scored six straight #1 singles- including four #1’s off of her debut album which had never been done before on a debut. What a haul of trash to go through in picking out just one Straight Up, Forever Your Girl,  Cold Heated and Opposites Attract were the four from the debut, on her second album Spellbound- she scored 2 more #1′-Rush Rush and The Promise Of A New Day by 1995 and the third album the public was no longer spellbound- she had a minor hit My Love Is For Real #28 and that was that- she hasn’t made an album in the 24 years since. What to select as the Worst Paula Abdul hit? Throwing a dart at the board- let’s go with Rush Rush.


  1. Straight Up is the one I heard the most because of a long-ago girlfriend… They are all a composite of the same thing.

    • I had a girlfriend at the time who really liked that kind of bad music also- i should have took it right away as a bad sign!!

    • .. off topic i see now there are only 3 of the top 50 free agents left unsigned…and Kershaw played catch yesterday. this isn’t sounding good. Do they not take an MRI because they don’t want to know?

    • I know…they released a statement saying that Kershaw had one in November…he doesn’t need one now… This Front Office is so conservative on treatment. What are they waiting for…what you just said is hiliarious and is sad at the same time….I’m beginning to believe it.

  2. Like with Milli Vanilli who were also big in 1989, I was bewildered that Paula Abdul was so popular, as her songs were crap. As you state, she was pretty and a decent dancer, but could not sing.

    • I guess at all times there are the ‘artists’ who for some reason get the promotion behind them and make it even though they can’t sing- if you look a certain way they sell that for as long as they can until someone else comes along.

  3. Yes hard to believe she had so many #1s – but of course MTV was bigger back then – perhaps songs got so popular in strength of videos

    • you are probably right- but it’s a close race with all her hits being total trash. that video was bad though. without video no paula abdul.

  4. Ah, this brings back fond memories of how my husband and I met. I was wearing pink chiffon and running behind them as my boyfriend drove off a cliff in Griffith Park racing my future husband-to-be. What are the odds that Paula and I have lived such parallel lives??!

  5. PS: What’s Paula’s deal anyway? Wasn’t she always out of it and/or doing something really weird on those talent shows where she was judging?

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