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Hans Mount Rushmore of Tampa Bay Rays. I almost just skipped over Tampa Bay but they are an MLB team and they are going into their 22nd season. They have been to one World Series in their history and have been in the playoffs four times- the last being in 2013. They just lack the history of having great players- at least players who had great careers in a Tampa Bay uniform. They’ve had some very good players.

1. EVAN LONGORIA- Longoria is a solid pick for the #1 slot- he played with the Rays for ten seasons 2008-2017 before moving on to San Francisco. Early in his career he looked like he had the potential at least to become a Hall of Fame type player but then he leveled off- at a young age- he peaked at age 25- when his best years should have been ahead of him. Its not like he totally went into the tank after age 25 he has just been except for 2013 an average to above average player. Still the best player in Rays history.

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2. BEN ZOBRIST: Zobrist spent 9 seasons with the Rays. He is the type of player you love to have on your team- he can play every position and has- except pitcher and catcher. He made a couple all-star games as a Ray. Currently with the Cubs as he nears the end of his career.

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3. Carl Crawford- Crawford played with the Rays from 2002- 2010. He led the American League in steals and in triple four seasons. He was fast. He hit over .300 for five seasons as a Ray. Like Longoria his career faded early-after leaving Tampa Bay he fought injuries while being a disappointment with both Boston and the Dodgers. His last good year was at age 28. I always sensed that Crawford was one of those players who looked good on your fantasy league team- due to his steals, average and for a few years occasional pop-but was a better fantasy player than a real baseball player. Not that he was awful. He made four All-Star teams. He was out of baseball at 34. I am sure Badfinger will agree that he was a major disappointment in a Dodger uniform at the end of his career.

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4. DAVID PRICE- For the 4th slot David Price edges out another pitcher James Shields. Price spent 7 seasons with the Rays going 82-47 with a 3:18 ERA. In 2012 he won 20 games, ed the league in ERA  and took home the American League Cy Young Award. He was a 5 time all-star for the Rays. Currently with the Red Sox. His best seasons were with the Rays.

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Glad to get the Rays out of the way. There are other expansion teams that have short histories but their history isn’t full of great players. They are like my Pirates for the most part- develop players and then send them off to bigger teams who are willing to spend money. Worst ballpark in the game too- this franchise should be moved.


  1. Yes, they should be moved… and when your team’s best player list includes Carl Crawford…your history is short!
    That was Theo’s worst contract I believe. I didn’t understand when they gave him that much.
    Yes he was a nice player…but not that nice of a player. You said the best thing about him…he was fast….until he joined the Dodgers that is.

    • The Red Sox are still probably smiling that the Dodgers took Crawford and Gonzalez off of their hands. That Dodger team from the early 2010’s was an island of misplaced toys. big names but poor fits. It reminded me of the Yankees in the mid 80’s when The Boss signed and traded for a bunch of names but that is what he got names- as he traded away young minor league talent- including The Crime Dog.

    • It was terrible. I read Ned Colletti’s book on why they did it. It was dumb but new ownership wanted to show they were serious after Frank McCourt. Attendance dropped under 3 million for the first time…to get Adrian they had to take the rest.
      That spoiled the fans becasue they got Friedman for GM and now they don’t spend anywhere near that money. But he has built them deep and smart…using the farm system and trades.

    • No it wasn’t and it helped Boston win a championship.
      By the time the Dodgers made it to the World Series all of those players played no part in it. Friedman turned them around. They started to pour money in the right places like scouting.

    • It kind of reminds me of what the Reds are doing now- they have brought in a lot of name players but is Kemp really going to help them in the long run for example? They will win more games this year but down the road I don’t see it doing much for them. Puig is talented but he’s always been a talent- I don’t see him putting it all together in Cincinnati. I think they are just trying to excite the fan base.

    • Both are free agents after this year. The only way it could benefit them is if Puig catches fire and they can trade him at the deadline for something. It was confusing because they are rebuilding…it was for attendance for sure.
      Alex Wood would be tradeable…and they have him for another year or two if he stays healthy. But yea… and they got rid of Homer’s bad contract.

  2. I’ve been to a TB Rays game and appreciate the fans’ enthusiasm. But as a Red Sox fan, I have been sorely disappointed with the acquisitions we’ve gotten from them – Crawford especially!!

  3. Absolutely agree Tampa Bay should be moved. Here’s a unique thought: why not actually move to Tampa? I mean, there is the question of whether any pro team in Florida other than the Dolphins can draw a crowd, but you have to at least give them a chance. Their TV ratings are off the charts, from what I understand – among the top 5 teams in all of MLB, so perhaps a move closer to where there are actually some people would do just that.

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