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Selecting the New York Yankees Mount Rushmore yesterday was a piece of cake- this one is a little trickier. There are two obvious no-brainers- two all time greats who spent their entire careers as Red Sox- after that it is complicated because you have a number of great players who were also with other teams during their careers.


  1. Ted Williams. Teddy F. Ballgame- his goal was to walk down the street and have people say ‘There goes the greatest hitter who ever lived.”- he probably accomplished his goal. The two ballplayers I have read the most about are The Babe and Ted. Both had difficult childhoods. Ted was obsessed with hitting a baseball even at a young age. I have always wondered if he had had a normal childhood with on hands parents would he have became the great hitter he was? His mother spent her time working with the Salvation Army- his father usually wasn’t around. Ted grew up feeling unloved. He became an obsessive. Growing up in San Diego helped he could play ball year round. I don’t think there has ever been a player who thought so much- and talked so much about hitting. Someone once asked Joe DiMaggio about hitting and he tried to explain it- and couldn’t- and ended up saying- “Just watch” as he went into the battling cage to hit. Ted could talk endlessly on the science of hitting. Books on Ted- a recent one is my favorite- The Kid: The Immortal Life Of Ted Williams- 2013, Ted Williams – The Biography of An American Hero- by Leigh Montville 2004.. if you are interested in the science of hitting- Ted’s own book “The Science of Hitting.” I also enjoyed Ted’s autobiography My Turn At Bat.

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2. Carl Yastrzemski- Like the Yankees replacing DiMaggio in center with The Mick- how about the Red Sox- they had three Hall of Famers in a row in left field- from Ted to Yaz to Jim Ed Rice. Like Ted, Yaz spent his entire career with one team- Boston. Yaz played 23 seasons with the Sox. He will always be remembered first for his Triple Crown season of 1967[ it would be 45 seasons until someone else won the Triple Crown} when he carried the Red Sox on his back to the World Series. He had an incredible September that year. He won the batting title the next season- 1968 The Year of the Pitcher with a .301 battling average still the lowest average to ever win a battling title.

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3. Roger Clemens- Now the problem with selecting four Red Sox begins- a lot of outstanding players- who played with other teams too. A Red Sox fan might not have Roger on the list since things ended badly there. I chose Clemens over Cy Young- they had nearly similar records as Red Sox- Clemens 192-111 and Young 192-112- Young had a superior ERA but that was in the dead ball era. Clemens played 13 years with the Sox and Young only 8.  Pedro Martinez was another who I considered but he only played 7 seasons- they were the best of his career and he was a dominating pitcher but I will go with Clemens.

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4. Wade Boggs- Wade Boggs was a hitting machine. A career .328 hitter he won all five of his battling titles as a Red Sox. He played 11 of his 18 years in a Red Sox uniform. I have always loved studying baseball statistics. I miss the old Baseball Encyclopedia and Total Baseball. I spend a lot of time on baseball.reference- but i like the book in my hands. Anyway with Boggs the stat that has always fascinated me about him is- this fella played 18 seasons and hit only 118 career home runs- but in one season 1987 he hit 24. His second best home run total is 11 in 1994 and that was in the strike shortened year. Where did that power surge come from in 1987? I have heard it said that if had wanted to he could have hit 25 home runs a year but he was more interested in hitting for average- and going for power would have hurt that. If you remember seeing him play you also probably remember he never swung at the first pitch. In his career he walked  1412 times and struck out only 745 times. He always seemed to get the bat on the ball. He also ate chicken before every game.

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Others under consideration- I am sure most Sox fans would have taken David Ortiz. Jimmy Foxx, Carlton Fisk, Jim Rice, Tris Speaker, Dwight Evans all got consideration- a good debate can be made for the 3rd and 4th slots- no debate over Ted or Yaz.


  1. I can’t disagree with those choices. Hard choosing between Tris Speaker and Wade Boggs.
    A what if…Fred Lynn, if he could have remained healthy, might have made this list. He seemed to have everything.

    • So many of those guys split time between two teams- even the old timers- Speaker with the Indians and Sox. Fred Lynn was the best player in baseball his rookie year i would have taken any bet that he was a future HOFer….. some teams are easy some are difficult..

    • Not many guys anymore playing 20 years with one team…but another trend i see is because of the big money players don’t hang on an extra year or so like before- for example Willie Stargell hung on an extra couple years to collect some extra pay- most did back then–some were released from teams- I remember Killebrew finishing up with the Royals- Willie McCovey with the A’s and Padres… now with the huge money they retire when they are finished. That is a good trend I hated seeing Willie Mays with the Mets at the end in the WS.

    • Willie Mays was so sad…I’ve seen the replays and it’s sad to watch. Boog Powell finished with the Dodgers in 77 and he didn’t last long.

      I can understand why they did it…because back then you sold insurance or cars if you had nothing else.

    • some of those old guys i think figured hang on that extra year- make one more pay check and the clubs would figure i think we got some good years out of them cheap- let’s give them one more year.. like Ali fighting- if someone is going to pay you a few million to get into the ring and you need the money- you do it. sad though.

    • Ali is worse than the ball players…we will never know but those few extra rights could have made a difference in his health…maybe…maybe not.
      I also think of Mike Webster.

    • I think the only boxer who had the sense to quit on time was Rocky Marciano. yes Mike Webster such a sad story around here. There were so many who were willing to help him but he was a proud man.

    • Marciano did it right. Its a shame he died so early.
      That extra beating in KC could not have helped Webster at all…it may not have prevented what happened but it didn’t help.

    • He shouldn’t have played that extra year thats for sure. The head wasn’t made to take repeated hits over and over and over every play for years.

    • Was he broke at the time he played for KC? I always got the impression he just couldn’t leave the game he loved. I admire his passion but at what price?

    • Yea it was probably the love…
      Off topic…about yesterday’s post. Babe Ruth…I got off topic with him…I get upset when people think of him as fat slob who could hit a ball. He didnt get out of shape until the end. That damn movie didn’t help. He was never as big as Goodman was then to begin with.
      That old movie was pretty bad also….it had “The Point” in the Cubs WS. The best movie to me was Pride of the Yankees. The Babe looks good in that….of course it’s him.

    • Yes I liked Pride of the Yankees too- the Babe lost weight for that movie.. That is why I wrote about the weight issue- I don’t know how many people over the years I’ve heard refer to him as being a fat slob- like you said at the end he let himself get out of shape but that was for a few years and that is of course what people choose to believe.

    • Also the designated runner? I hope one day they will make a decent movie about him or just not try.
      There is a 2018 book out called “The Big Fella” by Jane Leavy…have you read that one? I haven’t yet. After I finish the two Elvis books I thought about getting it.

    • I like the Levy book- I still think the best Babe book is Robert Creamer’s BUT Leavy wisely took a different approach in her book- and revealed some information I wasn’t aware of- and I have read a lot of the Babe bios.

    • I liked the Mantle book by Leavy… Creamer has been the best I’ve read about Babe also… but now I know what my next traveling to work book will be after the second Elvis book…

    • I have liked all 3 of her books- I think the Koufax one is my favorite- maybe because of the three- he was by far the most private guy. Didn’t know as much about him as The Babe or The Mick.

    • I don’t get why I never read this. Sandy is such a class guy. He looks great for his age also. He is one guy that did the right thing.

    • off topic sort of just saw where peter frampton is going to do a farewell tour- is suffering from some degenerative muscle disease… of course one more pay day before i retire though… it seems like in the last year or so everyone is on a retirement tour… one guy who will never do that- Dylan- he will one day just stop and no one will realize until 6 months later that he’s done.

    • Dylan would never ever announce it because he would not want to talk or think about that circus.

      Many of them announce it and then suddenly they are back out again.
      The one that was really sad was Glen Campbell. What he had…there is no coming out again.

    • The Campbell one- yes that was very sad ending…. yes the groups especially Final Tour– 5 years later Final Tour– repeat…

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