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1969 Song of the Day– “One” by Three Dog Night. Written by one of my favorites- Harry Nilsson it was first released on Harry’s Aerial Ballet album in 1968. Harry’s version is my favorite but it wasn’t a hit. Three Dog Night’s single of “One” would go to #5 on the Top 40 in the summer of 1969. Harry Nilsson wrote the song after calling someone on the phone and getting a busy signal. He stayed on line and kept listening to the ‘beep, beep, beep,  beep” as he wrote the song. The busy signal would become the opening notes to the song. The single came off of Three Dog Night’s self-titled first album. It was their first big hit- Try A Little Tenderness the first single peaked at #29. I am kind of surprised to see that Three Dog Night- in the late 60’s to mid 70’s had as many hits as they did- they had 21 Top 40 hits three of them- Mama Told Me Not To Come, Joy To The World and Black and White going to #1. Now I need to go and listen to their Complete Hit Singles compilation.



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  1. That’s close to how Lennon wrote I Am The Walrus with the siren… I didn’t know that. They had some good songs and this is one of them…

    • It is…some are worn out…Joy to the World…is one of them that I will be fine without hearing it again. Interesting concept with 3 lead singers.

    • Agree with you on Joy To The World- again when you hear Three Dog Night is is usually the same handful of songs over and over. I was shocked that they had 21 Top 40 hits. I would have guessed ten to a dozen at most.

    • I saw that when I did Shambala and was surprised also. I just don’t remember them dominating like that… like other bands. I wouldn’t know one out of a crowd…kinda like Supertramp.

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