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Hans Worst Hits of the 70’s- “Daddy Don’t You Walk So Fast:- Wayne Newton. We can’t blame Wayne Newton for writing this wretched song-that distinction goes to Peter Callander and Geoff Stephens. Callander also had a hand in writing the equally awful “The Night Chicago Died” and ‘Billy, Don’t Be A Hero.” Daddy Don’t You Walk So Fast sold over a million copies and peaked at #4 on the Billboard chart so I guess Callander laughed all the way to the bank.

Mr. Las Vegas only had four hit singles- if asked I could of course name two- Danke Schoen #13 in 1963 and this one in 1969. His others were Red Roses For A Blue Lady #23 in 1965 and one I certainly don’t recall that was in my time- 1980s Years #35. At times I’ve thought when hearing Newton sing that it was a woman singing. Newton has done over 30,000 shows on the Las Vegas strip. I never got his appeal at all- a major no talent.

OK back to this song- I’ve always had a dislike for it- partly due to Newton’s singing, partly due just to the song itself- a 50/50 split. I don’t think Sinatra could have saved this turkey. But the song is one of those songs that some relate to- I remember a girl in high school who told me her favorite song was Daddy Don’t You Walk So Fast- I didn’t press her as to why it was her favorite song but I thought I knew -her parents were divorced and she lived with her mother.

Wayne Newton thankfully hasn’t released a new album since 1978.  Not that he’s gone away but at least he has quit recording new music. Another thing he should have quit was the plastic surgeries. I mentioned the late Burt Reynolds and Kenny Rogers as bad examples of fellas who just over did it- I forgot Newton- who is now painful to look at. There is nothing wrong with growing old and looking it. Look at Clint Eastwood.

I hope Wayne doesn’t track me down and slap me in the face- as he says he did to Johnny Carson for making jokes about him on The Tonight Show.


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  1. I’ve always thought of Wayne Newton as famous for being famous…and him being synonymous with Vegas.
    I don’t know how a lot of these guys sell out Vegas night after night.

    • I am with you on that- why would anyone want to see this bum? It must just be the campy thing to do- when in Vegas- got to see Newton. I know when some friend of mine says they were in Vegas I always ask “Did you go see Wayne Newton?”

    • By now seeing Newton is probably like saying you played a slot machine… a part of the a part of the Vegas experience…somebody is seeing him because he is always there… I don’t get it…

  2. 30,000 shows???? how on earth could he stand to do that night after night. Not sure if you saw the movie, Blade Runner 2049, but there is a scene at Vegas — yes Vegas is still there in 2049 — where they have holograms doing the shows. I can foresee a Wayne Newton hologram show in the future…. Great choice of worst today!

    • I think he did- he had his first hit in his early 20’s- then I think he got connected with people in Vegas. It’s weird reading a little about him- he was born in Virginia, the family moved to Ohio when he was young and then to Arizona due to his asthma. For some reason I expected to read he was born on another planet or something or in Vegas! His dad was an auto mechanic. I half expected to read his father was Bugsy Siegal.

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