1969 Song of the Day is “Snowbird” by Anne Murray.  Snowbird was written by Gene MacLellan who was a Canadian singer-songwriter. Snowbird has been covered by a number of greater artists than Anne Murray- Elvis and Bing being two- but Anne Murray’s version is the best known. Snowbird was an album track on Anne’s This Way Is My Way album that came out in 1969- it wasn’t until mid 1970 that it was released as a single. Snowbird would be Murray’s first hit in the US- going to #8 and became her signature song. Anne Murray is one of those performers who back in the day was a popular middle of the road pop artist who you never hear mentioned. Note- I read somewhere years ago I can’t recall where- that Snowbird was The King’s favorite song.



2 responses to “1969 SONG OF THE DAY–” SNOWBIRD”- ANNE MURRAY

  1. I enjoy Anne Murray. Her voice is very distinctive and lush, in the vein of Karen Carpenter, but not over ripe. That’s no knock on Carpenter–who I also admire–but just appreciation for Murray’s skill and restraint. I think it’s funny that Murray is one of Lester Bangs’ (famed rock and punk rock critic) favorite singers. He called her voice molten gold.

  2. Karen Carpenter and Anne Murray were my father’s favourite singers. He would always sing snippets of songs deliberately wrong. I can’t remember what the Snowbird variant was but whenever Bobby Goldsboro comes on I hear ‘I was 17 and she was 93’

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