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I Read The News Today- Oh Boy!- Monday January 13, 1969 here were some of the headlines-

  • In researching 1968 and 1969 its been startling the number of plane crashes that seemed to happen routinely around this time. On January 13th- Scandinavian Airlines Flight 933 a Douglas DC-8 jet went into the Santa Monica Bay off of the coast of California and 15 of the 45 on board drowned. The flight was going from Seattle and making its approach to Los Angeles- it was nearly seven miles off its course when it descended into the sea at 7:21 p.m. PST. Luckily there were thirty survivors who were able to evacuate on the airplane’s life rafts.


  • In Memphis, Tennessee The King- Elvis Presley returned to his home town to record for the first time since his days at Sun Studio in the mid 1950’s. He began recording today at American Sound Studios what would become his From Elvis In Memphis album which would be released in June. A single that was recorded at this time- but not on the album- Suspicious Minds would be The King’s final #1 in the US later in the year.



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