Han’s Worst Hits of the 70’s- in 1975 Silver Convention a West German disco act had a hit with “Fly Robin Fly”-#1. Silver Convention made history- the first German act to hit #1 in the United States. In the same session they had recorded the follow up- and they used nearly the identical beat- with “Get Up And Boogie.” Laziness by the group- but stupidity on the record buyers who sent “Get Up And Boogie” to #2. They were fooled by two rotten eggs- Fly, Robin, Fly was bad enough but to buy into their already tired act again? That was it for Silver Convention no more hits. By the time they came to American to tour- Silver Convention Mania was dead. A four year old could have written both songs- Fly,Robin, Fly has only six words- “Fly, Robin, Fly” and “Up up to the Sky” repeated it seems endlessly for 5:35. Get Up And Boogie- surely wasn’t a Dylan composition- not to tax themselves they limited it to six words again “Get Up And Boogie” and “That’s Right.” They had nothing to say and they were saying it.



  1. I remember Todd in the Shadows listed this as one of the top 10 worst songs of 1976. I love disco music, but “Fly Robin Fly” and “Get Up And Boogie” are not good examples of it.

    It’s not even the repetitiveness that bothers me the most – I like “Born to be Alive” and that’s a repetitive song (although a more exciting one), the vocal delivery of “Get Up And Boogie” just sounds bored.

    • I agree even disco which I am not a big fan of had its good records- Silver Convention did not belong on a list of good disco songs. More mindless than usual.

  2. Strange, I was thinking about this one earlier. Few promotional videos in those days and I think someone used a 1920s black and white cartoon edited to fit the song. They did the same thing with Trampled Underfoot on OGWT. THAT’S RIGHT!

    • Both could make it but I thought I’d take it easy on them and just pick out the lesser of two evils. … I see the Dodgers have brought back Martin- maybe they can get one more year out of him. We liked him in Pittsburgh but they were smart to let him go when they did- the Pirates. He wasn’t worth that contract which I guess Toronto will be paying most of this year.

    • Toronto is paying over 16 million and nothing goes against the tax. They are determined not to go over the tax again.

      They got him to be a backup catcher and to sometimes play 3rd and 2nd I believe. Friedman believes in being versatile. Almost everyone plays two positions. He is a good clubhouse guy.
      The Pirates got rid of him at the perfect time.

  3. God couldn’t even get through a minute of this – BORING! Maybe that’s all the English they knew? Seems the lyrics weren’t even as important as the dance moves, which are also boring. I had had of Fly Robin Fly but not this one – even the audience in the video looks bored.

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