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Han’s Worst Hits of the 70’s- Elton John’s Ego from 1978. This wasn’t a hit by Elton John standards- peaking at #34 in the US and in the UK -but I’ve decided to include it for a couple reasons- Elton John was one of the great singles artists of the 70’s- I am not a huge fan but his 70’s output is very listenable and I like it. Again just not an Elton fanatic. When you look and listen to those 70’s singles- he seemed to be ‘can’t miss’ for a long period of time- even if some of the hits weren’t killer artistically they were very radio friendly. Ego is terrible both musically and as far as being ‘radio friendly” and marked a downturn in his career. He would still have hits of course but he had peaked. This song was written by Sir Elton and his longtime songwriting partner Bernie Taupin. The first thing about the song that I remember is the train whistle which makes it sound like a train rolling down the track and the piano. This was a song Elton had lying around that he wanted to release and was disappointed of course in what a flop it was. The song was about the silliness of rock stars. Elton felt it was one of the most sincere songs that he wrote with Taupin. I also think it is one of the worst- at least the worst single he released in the 70’s. It also marked the beginning of the end of Elton dominating the singles charts. He jumped the shark with Ego.  Death by too much train whistle.  Note- it was made into a video and at the time was the most expensive video that had been made. This was a couple years before MTV. Remember MTV? They used to play music videos 24/7 now they just play trashy programs.


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  1. I have no recollection of this song at all. How strange. Hearing it now for the first time, I agree, it’s not Elton’s best. I lump it in with his other pop stuff that all sounds pretty much the same. I’m glad he broke away from this rut.

  2. This one I never heard…Elton dressed down…I didn’t think he did anything in the 70s without big glasses, being sparkly, or a duck suit…

  3. Its not that bad. The train scenes took me back. London suburban carriages painted dark green and later blue. They had slam doors and were replaced in the early 90s. There were two main types. One had rows of seats with a central aisle all along the carriage, the other, like the one the boy’s in when he scrawls ‘Watford’, were compartments with no corridor. They became known as rapist’s specials and British Rail rather than withdrawing them after a number of such incidents, painted a red line above the door by way of warning. As youths we would swarm to those carriages and pull the seats up to see if any change had fallen from pockets. All back in place by the next station of course.

  4. I am not familiar with this song at all. Agree not up to Elton’s standard but still better than alot of the drek on the rest of your series.

    • I agree- I nominated it due to it being kind of a turning point- in the wrong direction- for Elton’s career. I don’t think he was ever as big or great afterwards. He still had hits etc but was no longer on the cutting edge of- releasing a single having it shoot up the charts..

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