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I read the news today- Oh Boy! The date 50 years ago today January 10th, 1969.

  • The Saturday Evening Post announced that the weekly magazine that had begun nearly 148 years earlier- was ceasing publication and it’s February 8th, 1969 issue would be the last one. The Saturday Evening Post lost 5 million dollars in 1968 and Publisher Martin Ackerman said that “We just could not sell enough advertising and cut expenses fast enough. Apparently, there is just not the need for our product in today’s scheme of living.” What a history The Saturday Evening Post had- it began in 1821 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania using the same print shop which used the Pennsylvania Gazette which had been founded by Ben Franklin. It’s peak years were the 1920’s to 1960 when it was one of the most widely circulated magazines in the United States. It published one a week until 1963 when it went to every two weeks. I remember as a child in the late 60’s my grandparents mourning over the death of The Saturday Evening Post and a few years later Life.

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  • Five days after the Soviet Union launched Venera 5 they launched their second exploration vehicle towards Venus- Venera 6. The second probe would arrive a day after Venera 5’s arrival. Venera 6 would like Venera 5 cease functioning 11 miles about the surface of the planet because of the Venusian temperature and atmospheric pressure.
  • Sweden today became the first Western country to give full diplomatic recognition to North Vietnam.