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Han’s Worst Hits of the 70’s- the year was 1977 and actor David Soul from the television show Starsky and Hutch decided to return to one of his early career choices- that of a singer. Don’t Give Up On Us- was written by songwriter Tony Macaulay. It would be a big hit-going to #1 in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. How did this happen is the question? His singing voice is so weak. Even Soul would be embarrassed by the song- in the early 2000’s he recorded it again after hearing it sung in an elevator by Owen Wilson from the movie of Starkey and Hutch because he was embarrassed by it.  Soul would have other hits in the UK but this would be his only Top 40 hit in the US.  Starsky and Hutch ended in 1979 and Soul sort of disappeared from view. Which one was he anyway- Starsky or Hutch? My sister loved the show but I don’t recall watching it. She also had the 45 of this song. I wouldn’t classify this song as one that annoyed me- it was just a weak song from a fellow who couldn’t sing very well. The song was clearly a hit due to his having a hit tv show at the time. Could it have stood on its own without the celebrity connection? I don’t think so.


  1. On Starsky and Hutch…the Car was the star…thats what I remember from it.

    When actors try to crossover…it usually doesn’t work…but there are exceptions…this isn’t one of them.

  2. Lol. “This isn’t one of them.”
    Another song that brings back lots of memories, but in the end, sentimentality doesn’t a good song make!

  3. I grew up with a dad that watched every cop show in existence. David Soul was “Kenneth ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson” or Owen Wilson’s character (I can’t stand the movie…it is an insult). Paul Michael Glaser was “David Starsky”.

    I remember going to Woolworth at my local mall and buying that 45. It was a sweet song. He didn’t have the strongest voice but, it was pretty love song. The B-Side was “Black Bean Soup”, a song that was actually sung on the show (Paul Michael Glaser destroyed it on camera, in character and David Soul chased after him). In fact, David Soul played the guitar and sang on a couple of episodes.

    Do you remember him in the ‘Dirty Harry’ movie “Magnum Force”? He was also in a very popular episode of Star Trek: TOS. Look up “The Apple” (1967). After the show, he immediately went to work on Stephen King’s “Salem’s Lot” mini-series (which scared the crap out of me).

    He was all over TV in the 80s. I remember when he showed up as the lead in a Stephen J. Cannell piece called “Unsub”. He pretty much quit acting after that. He had a REALLY bad drinking problem. He moved the UK in the 90s. He is a British citizen, now…took up theatre work.

    The dude has been married five times. Look up his fourth wife, Julia Nickson and daughter China Soul (also a musician).

    Little bit of trivia…the third season of S & H had a different theme song, written by Mark Snow…the same guy that invented the X-Files theme. The most popular theme for S & H was Tom Scott’s…a member of The Blues Brothers. And, last but not least, “Pinky Tuscadero” played an undercover lady cop on an episode.

    • Interesting looking back I didn’t watch much television in the 80’s- so to me he disappeared after Starsky and Hutch. I saw a recent picture of him and he looks awful.. He had a brother who was a controversial priest in Pittsburgh who went by the family name Soulberg. I remember him being in hte news a lot.. Maybe if someone else did the song it would have come off better- and I don’t remember there being a movie of the show. Total blank on that- but again I wouldn’t have been interested so it probably wasn’t on my radar.

    • He does, indeed, look bad. Alcoholism is a nasty taskmaster. I live with an alcoholic. He was drop-dead gorgeous in his younger years. He looks like washed-up hell, now…way past ordinary aging. In fact, Soul is the same age as my Ken.

      What did his brother do?

      Movie of the show…you mentioned it in your post…Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller… It was too stupid & insulting for me to waste my time on.

      I’d like to hear someone else do a version of the song. That would be very interesting.

    • I think Soul’s brother was controversial- bucking against some catholic church methods if i remember correctly. can’t recall exactly what.

    • He was in an episode of a TV detective show called Lewis (a sequel to Inspector Morse) in 2012. He played an alcoholic American professor with racially repugnant views.
      And … hang on… if memory serves … yes!
      Ladies and Gentlemen. At this very moment I have a whole David Soul LP in my hand! It belongs to my wife I should add and sits next to her Bread and Elvis LPs.
      You too can own a copy – they are on Discogs for 10p (about the same in US cents).

  4. I think this song might be marginally better with a better singer but probably not – I am guessing it would still be making your list!

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