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The Rolling Stones Song of the Day is- 19th Nervous Breakdown. Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards- 19th Nervous Breakdown was an a-side of a single- backed by As Tears Go By. It was recorded in late 1965 and released in early 1966- it peaked just short of #1 in both the US and UK- at #2. The song was recorded during the Aftermath singles but as was the practice at the time- released as a single but not included on the album.  The song started when Mick Jagger came up with the title and then wrote the song around it. It came in just short of 4 minutes in length which by 1966 standards was considered to be long. Mick wrote the song- influenced by how he felt at the time- he had made a comment that their hectic schedule at the time made him feel like he was ready for his 19th nervous breakdown. Witnessing the behavior of Brian Jones during this period may also have influenced Jagger’s writing of the song- Jones especially was finding it difficult to deal with the pressures of rock stardom. His behavior was becoming more and more erratic.  There were drug references in the song that many didn’t get at the time- “On our first trip I tried so hard to rearrange your mind
But after awhile I realized you were disarranging mine
” The song is also famous for the ending with Bill Wyman’s bass bomb-diving sound finishing the song.  A great Stones song- its too bad it wasn’t on Aftermath. The Who’s Pete Townshend was influenced to write “Substitute” after hearing this song. Alice Cooper said of the song ‘ 19th Nervous Breakdown was a modern rock song. It didn’t sound like Chuck Berry or an old blues, it sounded like something brand new, fresh and exciting.”


  1. This track reminds me of my day laying back listening to his records when I was a kid… and of that Mossion To Mars movie where Val Kilmer keeps singing it to himself stranded in space… but mostly the first thing

    • Yes it does bring back memories. I must have listened to this- and the Hot Rocks album a hundred times in the late 70’s-

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