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Han’s Worst Hits of the 70’s today- is a staple of classic rock radio- The Joker- by the Steve Miller Band. I know I know this song is a classic. Turn your radio on a ‘classic rock’ station today for a few hours and you are bound to hear this song. That is exactly why consider it one of the worst hits of the 70’s- I can’t think of a more overplayed song. I wasn’t irritated or annoyed by the song back in the 70’s I can’t say that I liked it very much but over time this song has become to me extremely annoying to hear repeated over and over. It should be banned from the radio for at least 5 years. I have no doubt if I would turn on the local so called great- Classic Rock station- and listened to it all day that at some point in the day I’d hear this song. Note- Steve Miller uses the word pompatus in two songs-including this one. And as long as I am Steve Miller bashing- I can’t stand Take The Money And Run another overplayed song. Meanwhile they could play Living In The USA anytime they want but it’s not in the classic rock heavy rotation.


  1. What is it that puts certain songs into the rotation? Also, does somebody “get paid” with royalties every time one of these endlessly repeated songs plays? I like the song and never listen to the radio anymore — thank you, pandora — so am not subjected to The Joker, Radar Love, etc. over and over…

    • That is a good question it seems like this is a country wide thing- I’ve been all over the country listening to the radio and all the classic rock stations play the same few songs by Steve Miller or whoever the artist is… does some fellla sitting behind a desk decide this for everyone?

    • I know exactly what you are talking about… like you mentioned “Living in the USA” and the one I threw out…Heart Like a Wheel…they never play….but The Joker…I’ve heard it enough for two life times….

      I had Belushi in my head with the… but noooooo

  2. I’m with you on the overplaying of this song. Our local station has also ruined Boston and Foreigner. (Not that it took much for me to tire of those two, but still.) I can almost guess what song I’m going to hear when I turn the radio on the ‘classic rock’ station. They’ve got to expand their playlists, or they are going to ruin the genre, imo.

    • I don’t understand the radio programing- Steve Miller had a number of hits but they only play the same 2 or 3- same with everyone even a group like The Rolling Stones who had dozens of hits- they choose to play the same 5 or 6 endlessly. How many times does a person want to hear Start Me Up?

  3. Can’t say I mind the song, and luckily I don’t really hear it often as I rarely listen to any commercial radio any more. In my mind, when I think of this song, I always think of that Simpsons episode where they flash back to when Homer and Marge were young and Homer sings this song – you haven’t heard it right til you heard it in the style of Homer Simpson! I loved it so much that I had it as my answering machine message for a number of years back in the day. 🙂

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