One of Burt Reynolds's most famous roles was trucker Bo Darville in the "Smokey and the Bandit" movies.

At the end of every year Turner Classic Movies always runs a TCM Remembers- covering movie industry folks who have passed during the year- here is the one for 2018. Wouldn’t it be great if in 2019 they didn’t have to do one at years end? Of course that will never happen– below is 2018- very well done by TCM.


  1. So many gone 😦 Never saw this end of the year thing. Glad you posted it. If you are a Burt Reynolds fan you have to see, “The Last Movie Star”. He did it last year and it is probably as close to an autobiography as you’re going to see.

    • When Reynolds died I was talking to someone and said Reynolds was more of a star than a great actor. I do like some of his movies- the first adult movie i ever saw was one of his- The Longest Yard–watched it again yesterday… I think the ones they did in past years are on youtube- it’s always well done. I think 2016 was a much worse year as far as losing people.

    • He’s made some good ones and I believe he was pretty much universally liked by the public. The Longest Yard is excellent! I like Deliverance also and think he got robbed of the Oscar that year.

    • When Reynolds passed I was reading up on him- interesting fella– a wide variety of friends–Reynolds’ close friends included Johnny Carson, James Hampton, Dom DeLuise, Jerry Reed, Charles Nelson Reilly, Tammy Wynette, Lucie Arnaz, Adrienne Barbeau, Tawny Little, Dinah Shore, Clint Eastwood and Chris Evert

    • Interesting cross-section! Don’t forget Sally Field. He was interviewed last year when promoting his last movie and the interviewer asked him who his one great love was (like in the movie) and he said “you are putting me in a tight spot here.” But he said Sally Field. It was what told me he knew he was dying. If he wasn’t he never would have admitted it. He was a unique individual with a killer sense of humor.

    • I hope you get a chance to see his last movie, I think he says a lot of things in there he wouldn’t allow himself to say before. He acknowledges he was a “bad boy” to a lot of females. I’m sorry to hear Sally threw him under the bus. It’s one of the prices that woman who go after bad boys have to pay — being treated poorly. It goes with the territory.

    • She puts the book out after he is dead and says he abused her and said she was glad that he wasn’t around to see her book… I am not saying what happened or what didn’t happen how would I know but I do know sometimes people will do anything to sell a book. What good at that point would bringing this up do? He was dead. Of course the dead are also silent and can’t answer back.

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