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Today’s Han’s Worst Hits of the 70’s- is “Shannon” by Henry Gross. This is a terrible song but I love it- I will explain that later. Shannon was written by Henry Gross. Shannon was about the death of Beach Boy Carl Wilson’s Irish Setter-named Shannon. Gross had visited Carl and Carl told him of the death of Shannon- having been hit by a car.

Shannon was a worldwide smash- going to #6 on the US Billboard chart. It was a #1 in Canada and New Zealand. It was thankfully Henry Gross’s only hit.

Here is a trivia question for you- Henry Gross as a member of Sha Na Na was the youngest performer at the age of 18 on the main stage at Woodstock in 1969.

Why do I love this crappy song? This is the infamous song about the dead dog dying that sent Casey Kasem off – while doing a long distance dedication on AT40.  Link below. [explicit language]




  1. Have to say I had never heard this song- what year was it a hit? Hilarious clip from Casey Kasem – like hearing Mr. Rogers swear! Not expecting that!

  2. Okay…Shannon always reminded me of The Beach Boys–and I love The Beach Boys and dogs, hence I love Shannon. Didn’t know that it was about Carl Wilson’s dog!! That’s awesome but sad. Now it all makes sense. Thanks.
    Now, to make a brief case for the song…The harmonies are undeniable. They’re gorgeous. Very choral…Okay, Okay, the subject matter…a dead father, a depressed mother and a drowned dog is kind of morose, but those harmonies…

    • I always get a kick out of Casey when there is a song on the charts like ‘The Bitch Is Back” or “My Ding-A-Ling” and he has to say it….There are other outtakes out there where he goes off. He was always so ‘professional’ on the air. He seems like he was a handful behind the scenes!! Look for the outtakes of his doing intros for AT40 stations.

    • I love the long distance dedications- because they are always so funny- well usually are. There was years ago a local morning show on the radio that did a parody- American Back 40- and they had a long distance dedication that always started “Dear Casey- me and my girl Ethelbert…”

  3. I actually like this song, good melody good high notes. Had no idea it was about a Beach Boy pet. Tsk tsk tsk Casey, losing it over a dead pet dedication?!? What did they do to his face on the picture on the youtube? Looks like eraser? About Casey and his tantrums, I heard the same thing about Delilah at Night…

  4. OMG. Great info! I loved the song but, didn’t know it was about a dog. I remember the Kasem rant when it was released but, had no idea it was regarding this song. Damn.

    That extra tall blond freak wife of his that battled his kids over his estate told me a LOT about him. She had crazy eyes.

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