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Yesterday I started this series off with One Bad Apple by The Osmonds- well I must admit I would rather be forced to listen to One Bad Apple over and over again for hours than to have to listen to “{You’re }Having My Baby” by Paul Anka and his duet with Odia Coates just once. This song is nauseating.  Over the years I will get in discussions with friends on music and will throw out- “What is the worst song ever.” It usually doesn’t take long for this to get mentioned. How did this become such a big hit? Had to be payola. In fact in 2006 CNN had a poll and You’re Having My Baby was voted the worst song ever. It was a #1 song in the summer of  1974.

The song was highly controversial- Anka wrote- sang “You’re Having My Baby”- not our baby or the couples baby. The National Organization for Women gave him the Keep Her In Her Place Award and Ms. Magazine- gave him the Male Chauvinist Pig of the Year Award. Anka tried to explain himself out of the situation to no avail. Anka is from Canada I would have supported deportation just on You’re Having My Baby.

Paul Anka wrote this song- and oddly enough the producer- Rick Hall- also produced One Bad Apple. Rick Hall also worked with some greats- Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Duane Allman  and Etta James- so I guess the good outweighs the bad. Hall passed away this January at the age of 85. The Father of Muscle Shoals Music. It’s a head shaker on how he ever got in the same room as The Osmonds or Anka. Anka a poor mans Neil Sedaka.

Paul Anka of course may be most famous for writing My Way for Sinatra. A song that Frank quickly grew to hate.

The Circle Jerks included the song on their Jerks On 45 single [attached below} which is really good stuff!






  1. Oh yeah. This is definitely a contender for the worst song ever. I always hated it–even when I was a kid. (Especially then…I was an extreme feminist when I was little.) Kind of liked “Times of Your Life”, though. Brings a tear to my eye…No I’m not kidding…
    I love this series!

    • Thanks… I have never known anyone who said they liked this song- which makes me seriously wonder how did it get to #1? In what i was reading- a review of a concert a dozen years ago said he didn’t do the song in concert- it was a #1 hit–maybe he got the message…. OK I will also admit- Times Of Your Life” isn’t bad.

  2. “I would have supported deportation just on You’re Having My Baby.” this cracks me up. Wow, listening to those lyrics again (on the Circle Jerks’ compilation, which is, agreed, great) “like seeing what it’s doing to ya”…. and “what’s goin through ya”, oh my goodness. Good choice for your list, Hans! And Anka wrote “My Way”????? Curiouser and curiouser…

    • I was just kidding about deporting Anka… or was I.? I loved that Circle Jerks Jerks on 45 I had never heard it before until doing research on Having My Baby- so something good came out of that song years later!

  3. OMG. This is truly cringe worthy! Never really listened to the lyrics before – “the seed inside you can you feel it growing”???? And then the abortion reference? I agree – clueless how this ever topped the charts. You are right – One Bad Apple ain’t looking so bad!

  4. Looking forward to more posts! Mike and I did a worst songs post back in the summer as one of our first posts on the blog but they skewed towards the 80s or later

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