• ROGER DALTREY: UNDER A RAGING MOON: 1985: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: I picked this album up became I liked the single “After The Fire” written by Pete Townshend- turns out the album is pretty good. Another highlight is the title track which was a tribute to his old friend the late Keith Moon. Seven different drummers played on the song- Ringo’s son Zak, Stewart Copeland, Martin Chambers, Cozy Powell , Roger Taylor, Carl Palmer and Mark Brzezicki. The cover of Bryan Adams Let Me Down Easy is miles ahead of the original.

Julian Lennon Valotte.jpg

  • JULIAN LENNON: VALOTTE: 1984: 3 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Debut album by John Lennon’s son. Produced by old pro Phil Ramone. Two Top 10 hits Too Late For Goodbyes #5 and Valotte #9, Say Your Wrong #21 and that was it as far as Julian’s career Top 40 hits. I recall the ‘he sounds just like his father’ hype at the time which was only 4 years after the assassination. He does sound somewhat like his father. it is a decent enough album and it was nice to see Julian who in a lot of ways got the dirty end of the stick- have some pop success. I will go with The Dean of Rock Journalism’s line ” More Frank Sinatra Jr than Hank Williams Jr.” as a verdict. It is odd thinking about it- in baseball for example there are countless examples of fathers and sons who had success- Ken Griffey Sr and Jr, Bobby and Barry Bonds etc– who is the greatest son of a successful pop/ rock musician? No one really stands out.



  • JUDY COLLINS: IN MY LIFE: 1966: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: Collins 6th album and most successful up to that date- it was a break through for her as far as reaching a larger audience. She still hadn’t had a hit but those were soon to come. She does a superb job on the great Leonard Cohen’s Suzanne and The Beatles In My Life- but the opener Tom Thumb’s Blues is an odd choice-although it sounds little like the original. She also covers at that time unknown Randy Newman and Donovan. I am far from an expert on Judy Collins- I know her well known songs-and hits but this is the first album of her’s I’ve ever owned. It is considered one of her better albums by the critics.

Short Back 'n' Sides album cover.jpg

  • IAN HUNTER: SHORT BACK N SIDES: 1981: 4  1/2 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS:  Ian Hunter one of the great survivors of rock still going strong today as he approaches 80. Underrated figure- has done great work with of course Mott The Hoople and his solo career. This album was co -produced by his long time musical partner Mick Ronson and The Clash’s Mick Jones. In looking at the credits I see Martin Briley played bass on the album- he also played on the Julian Lennon album I listened to this morning. Todd Rundgren, Ellen Foley and The Clash’s drummer Topper Headon also are on the album.  This album has more of a rock feel to it than the past couple albums he had done. Central Park N West, Lisa Likes Rock And Roll, I Need Your Love, Old Records Never Die,

listened to American Top 40 replay on the 70’s on 7- the week of October 7, 1978.