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After a decent week 1 at 10-6, in week 2 my predictions were 8-8 for an 18-14 record after two weeks. Going to bounce back hopefully in week 3.

NY Jets at Cleveland                  Cleveland— yes the Browns win their first game since December 2016.

Buffalo at Minnesota                 Minnesota

Denver at Baltimore                  Denver

Cincinnati at Carolina               Carolina

New Orleans at Atlanta             Atlanta

San Francisco at Kansas City   Kansas City

Tennessee at Jacksonville        Jacksonville

Oakland at Miami                     Miami

Green Bay at Washington       Green Bay

Indianapolis at Philadelphia   Philadelphia

NY Giants at Houston               Houston

LA Chargers at LA Rams         LA Rams

Dallas at Seattle                        Dallas

Chicago at Arizona                  Chicago

New England at Detroit          New England

Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay       Tampa Bay


5 responses to “N.F.L. WEEK 3 PREDICTIONS

  1. At one time, not so very long ago, actually, I was a huge NFL fan. I was tuned into Sirius NFL Network every time I was in the car so I kept up with all the teams. But then my husband had a serious illness and a botched surgery that turned into a near death experience so we both kind of fell away from the NFL except we still keep up with the Titans. Anyway, if I were betting I would agree that Jacksonville will beat the Titans this week. I hope not.
    How about Ryan Fitzpatrick?!! I don’t know why I’m surprised, this has been his pattern since his days in Buffalo as a 7th round draft pick. He’s very streaky–so streaky that he got a huge contract back in the day and then he’ll turn around a break your heart. I’m rooting for him though. I can’t stand Jameis Winston.

    • Being a Steeler fan I hope FItzpatrick has an off week at least this week- but he can go back to great play after this week!. I am no longer the football fanatic I used to be either… at one time I’d have two televisions going and a radio too boot. Now I tend to watch my Steelers and the playoffs. I no longer live and die with every win or loss- I am good with that- there are more important things in life.

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