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  • THE J. GEILS BAND: FREEZE FRAME: 1981: 4  STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: With their 10th album The J. Geils Band reached the commercial top #1 album and #1 song in Centerfold. Freeze Frame the song hit #4 and Angel In Blue #40. Singer Peter Wolf then left for a solo career and The J. Geils band only had one more album in them after that.  Keyboardist Seth Justman wrote or co-wrote all the songs, produced and arranged the album. Centerfold was one of those songs I remember the year by. Heard it on the radio a couple days ago.

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  • GARY US BONDS: DEDICATION: 1981: 4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: A great comeback. Gary US Bonds had some hits in the early 60’s- Quarter To Three being a #1. Back then he had been an influence on a couple young Jersey boys- Bruce Springsteen and Steve Van Zandt. Bonds disappears from the charts for nearly 20 years. He is pretty much forgotteen but Springsteen and Van Zandt have always been first and foremost fans-  they give Bonds a big assist- producing, playing on and writing some songs for this album. The Springsteen written “This Little Girl” peaked at #7 in the Top 40, the album reached #27. Bonds also does some covers on here- Dylan, The Beatles, Jackson Browne and another highlight- the opening cut Jole Blon. The album had that old Gary US Bonds sound. The next year Bruce and Steve worked on another album with Bonds which gave him another hit “Out of Work.”

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  • BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: NEBRASKA: 1982: 5 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: One of my favorite Springsteen albums.


  • PETE TOWNSHEND: ALL THE BEST COWBOY HAVE CHINESE EYES: 1982: 3 1/2 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: I have never known what to think about this album- Pete’s previous album Empty Glass was a classic to my ears on first listen- this one- like I said- 36 years later I am still not sure. A mixed bag. 11 songs some of them songs not used in later day albums by The Who. Favorite songs- Somebody Saved Me, Stop Hurting People, Uniforms, Slut Skirts.



  • GEORGE HARRISON: SOMEWHERE IN ENGLAND: 1981: 3 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: The first album release from Beatle George after John Lennon’s assassination. His tribute to Lennon “All Those Years Ago” was a big hit- #2 in the US. At this point Harrison was pretty frustrated with the music industry-he had many conflicts with Warner Brothers over the making of this album- the rejected a year earlier what he turned in as ‘too laid back and non-commercial.” One of the new songs George wrote in the rebooted effort was Blood From A Clone- an indictment of the Warner Brothers executives he was having issues with. George covers two songs by one of his lifelong songwriting heroes- Hoagy Carmichael- Baltimore Oriole and Hong Kong Blues.

Little Stevie Orbit

  • STEVE FORBERT: LITTLE STEVIE ORBIT: 1980: 3 1/2 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: After his great debut album Alive On Arrival- and the new Dylan tag- expectations were high- at least mine were. The second album had a hit in Romeo’s Tune and was a decent album, the third album was a disappointment. Maybe he should have taken a breath. It was Forbert’s third album in three years but back then no one took a break. I haven’t listened to this one in a long time and when I peel away the expectations I had for the album- it is a better album than I originally thought.


  1. While “Centerfold” isn’t their best tune, in my humble opinion, I’m glad the J. Geils Band finally scored a hit. They were hands down one of the best live acts – a true party band!

    As for Springsteen’s “Nebraska,” I know many of his fans consider it to be his best album. For some reason, I never warmed to it.

    By the time he was recording “Somewhere In England,” George Harrison was clearly starting to run out of steam a bit. He probably should have done what he ended up doing after the follow-on “Gone Troppo” – take a break and come back with a nice album like “Cloud Nine.”

    • J Geils deserved to hit it big–before breaking up… Jeez I forgot to write a paragraph for Nebraska… Yes I think George needed a break- I think the Wilbury’s and the solo album a great finish to his career while he was living. The batteries needed recharging in the early 80’s.

    • Nebraska upon its release did shock a lot of people- which is a good thing. He already had most of Born In The USA recorded but felt it would be huge- so he bought himself some time with Nebraska which I would rather listen to than USA.

    • He was right…it seemed like the album just kept on producing singles.

      It’s funny because he is so particular and it takes him a long time to record an album…Nebraska came easy in a cabin I believe but they really had to work at the levels because of what it was recorded on. I’ve read where it was talk at the time of not having the E Street Band anymore…this is what he wanted to do…I think I read that out of a Dave Marsh book.
      Of course he changed his mind…for a while.

    • When you look at his career that is now closing on 50 years- Born In The USA really sticks out like- what happened here- He was a big figure before that but that put him into the HUGE range-with new fans- and then a lot of them probably jumped off the bandwagon after Tunnel of Love or the two albums that same day fiasco.

    • I remember Prince, Jackson and Bruce… Mega Albums at the time. I remember the older fans would shake their heads at the new ones because they didn’t know anything before Born in the USA but Born To Run and Hungry Heart. You saw him at a perfect time…before it went bananas.

    • My sister saw him on the Born In The USA tour at Three Rivers Stadium- she couldn’t understand why i wasn’t interested in going. I just knew it would be out of control. Plus 3 Rivers was a terrible venue. …Yes the era of huge albums- Prince Michael- Bruce- then Madonna.. One of my great predictions- when her first album came out and she was getting all that attention etc- I said to my brother “She will be a trivia question in a few years.” I may have been off by a little on that one.

    • Can’t blame you on the Born In The USA tour…
      I’ve never been a Madonna fan…but she was and is huge…I giver her that.
      I saw her video of Star light or something like that and I actually made a credible prediction. I told him…this lady will be big…I never dreamed that big though… she used a lot of shock value and it worked.
      I liked Cyndi Lauper much more… Money Changes Everything and others. She has a very good voice.

    • I liked Madonna’s singles up until the early 90’s- she should have retired then. She shocks no one anymore. She was a genius in marketing herself. The only Madonna albums I have are the two collections of greatest hits. I don’t think there will be a third!

    • Oh at marketing she was great…I will hand it to her she made herself into a superstar no doubt….
      I agree there won’t be another greatest hits…

    • off topic- I watched the Stuart documentary- pretty good considering what they had to work with… I think Pauline summed things up when she said “In my latest book-“- that told me all I need to know. I believe Astrid and Klaus any day over her. She wasn’t there. She was younger- and he was what 21 when he died- and 16 when he went to live on his own… she took the John was responsible from Goldman. Too bad there wasn’t footage of Stuart- and Stuart talking etc.. The strange part for me was when Rod Murray was driving around- why didn’t they just have him stand in front of the buildings- poor film making in my opinion- and hard to follow. Overall not bad though.

    • I didn’t believe Pauline much of the time. When I said it was good…well compared to what else was out there…hardly anything. Klaus, Astrid, Rod and Allan made it to me.
      It baffles me why the Anthology skipped over it. I went back the other night to make sure I didn’t forget about it…no they skipped it.

    • Anthology has a lot of good things in it- but the final word on The Beatles- no. I think they could have sure used John on that project. Paul has always been concerned about that history and how he looks in it.

    • Mark’s books will be the final word as far as I’m concerned.

      Yes the way he picked on him would have made him look bad. I read where Paul now owns on of Stuart’s sculptures…

      I was expecting worse in the documentary when the generic music started… I really felt for Rod when he pulled out the bass he was going to build and saw the guitar. You could tell they were close.

    • When that series is done- I don’t see any reason for anyone to take on a project that big ever again. He knows things they didn’t even know. ….the thing that impressed me was Rod- Astrid and Klaus you could tell he really had an effect on their lives and they still miss and think of him often decades later…. For the most part it seemed like Pauline was more interested in sensational claims she really didn’t tell us THAT much about how her brother was like. I wonder how much younger she was?

    • I tried to look up her age really quickly and could not find it.
      You could tell their hurt right off. With Pauline…It was like she didn’t know him.
      The only one missing was Jürgen…I wish they could have interviewed him.

    • I tried looking up her age also- couldn’t find anything.. just the way she talked about him- didn’t make me feel they were all that close- whereas Astrid, Klaus and Rod no doubt they were..

    • I’m going to find out…it’s bugging me now… She basically accused John of kicking him in the head and having an affair with him…and like you said she wasn’t there.
      I would love to meet Klaus.. He seems like a really nice guy.

    • Klaus has always impressed me too. . She has nothing to base her accusations on- how was it she based her– they had a affair- people have told her… people can say a lot of things. Did Stuart tell her? No.

    • She got the idea from sketches from what I read….Oh….by the way that she was putting on the selling block the next month to let people decide…
      Klaus must have really practiced the bass and picked it up quickly because in the 70s he was playing with pros.

    • So that would put her at 16-17 when he passed…and she would have been around 13-14 or younger we have lived at home.

      People wonder why John was like he was… abandoned by his dad when he was young…, his uncle dying, his mother dying and Stuart dying in a what 5 or 6 year span.

    • She is trying to make $$$ on her brother- and The Beatles… in that interview she seems very defensive to me- interesting. I think she was wanting a fluff interview and he asked her questions that challenged her.

    • Yes you are right…she is critical of the Beatles and she didn’t have to be.
      That shows me all I need to know….”we’re in the business of selling some originals”

    • Yep.. I like how she doesn’t really answer the question- she was always at their shows- she saw John being violent- but doesn’t give any examples… yes.. selling originals- trying to make money on her brother. … also trying to claim Stuart was working with john on songwriting- ‘more evidence is coming’…i think she was looking for some of that anthology $$$$$ claiming Stuart had a part in writing some of those songs..

    • That is just no shame.
      Selling prints I get… Heck I would buy one….but wouldn’t you want to leave the orginals to the Estate for showings? Keep them together?
      It’s sad

    • You would think so on the originals…. well one good thing- i don’t think she is taken very seriously and i don’t think she has cashed in much with her books etc. She is easy to see for what she is. I don’t think she has any first hand knowledge of much of anything.

    • You are right in that… The proof is our conversation…we are Beatle fans…A little more in depth than some and maybe not as much as a few but…yes it’s too many holes in her story.

    • in the notes in Mark’s book- here is what he says about Pauline- in 1990 he interviewed her along with Kevin Howlett- asked her about the Goldman accusations- here is what she said in 1990 “I find it almost barbaric that anyone can accuse another person of having caused someone else’s death. And I think it irresponsible too, because they should think about the consequences of that, to the other person. We have no knowledge at all that there was any physical assault between John and Stuart, none at all and it’s certainly not lodged in any of our consciousnesses at all that that there was any such event or that John is culpable in any way at all. I find it actually quite monstrous as an idea. It’s so unlikely even just the logistics of it. They hadn’t seen one another for a couple of months before Stuart died and it would have been an event that occurred within a couple of days. No I just find it absurd the whole idea.”— the words of Pauline Sutcliffe April 4, 1990.

    • Oh man…if that doesn’t spell money…I don’t know what does. That is just pathetic.
      Great find…That pretty much seals it… quite monstrous indeed.

    • From Wiki….Sutcliffe had two younger sisters, Pauline and Joyce, but also had three older half-brothers, Joe, Ian, and Charles, as well as an older half-sister Mattie, from his father’s first marriage

    • Here is a fan club page talking about visiting his grave and buying a bench…they got in touch with Joyce.

      Did you hear the “Love Me Tender” supposedly of Stuart singing? It was released by the estate…I just don’t buy it. I never did when I first heard it…I hope it is…if it is he had a really good voice

    • I wasn’t buying the Love Me Tender being Stuart either… interesting site- I see Pauline is part of the newsletter. I wonder if she has backed down from her statements from 13-15 years ago?

    • She had a co-author who probably wrote the book.. Not an excuse for being a part of it- I”ve seen people believe in crazy things and do crazy things because of it- just speculating that maybe she was told- we have a big story here- it will be a best seller- it’s The Beatles -etc.. Now you and I know -if someone told us back then that Pauline Sutcliffe was writing a book- we’d both say- good luck- there are dozens of books coming out each year and its a million to 1 that yours sells much- but obviously she believe in it enough to change her story- all for $$$$. I get the feeling Klaus and Astrid- and Rod- were not for sale. No fantastic claims- just the truth…

    • Because they knew him and cared for him…Not saying she didn’t care for him but she probably didn’t know him.
      I would read a book by Astrid but I don’t think she would ever write one. She did do book of her photographs… I think…which I totally see.

    • They were… the most haunting one is the John Lennon with half his face lit like Stuart…knowing what we know now and when it was taken.
      I read today she stopped taking photos after 67 period…don’t know if it is true. She really helped them in a lot of ways…

    • That is great…I quickly went over it but will go back…using only a fraction of what he had…
      I’m hoping he found things he will be using in the next one already while researching this one.
      I’m so glad he is who he is…he could have put out a Bob Spitz bio…I read that one right after this one…I was so bored that I stopped around the White Album.

    • I think it is great how Mark doesn’t- just take the old stories that are repeated in so many of the books- as the gospel truth- he digs for the real story… like with Alf Lennon. How many books just went along with what John had said about him- and the having to choose between Julia and Alf.. just an example.. i thought it was funny when he said people tell him they want the new book soon so they can find out what happened! lol.

    • lol that is funny…like the story is unknown…well the journey there is….really
      The interviewer was right…it’s more like a novel. Why is a rock band still interesting to you and I now after all of these years…they were younger than half our ages but it is so compelling. Yes the music is part of it but it’s more.

      When I met Pete Best and looked at him…I thought…wow this guy was part of it. He was there when it happened… It was like I was meeting a historic person…in a sense I guess I was.
      The story of Mick and Keith isn’t the same.

    • Like Mark said- we never get bored with it- you’d think after all these years- it’s not new to us- yet we are still fascinated and will always be….. I don’t understand how so many others DON”T get it. It is magical. .. the story- the music- no the other stories don’t even come close. … Pete Best is an historical person!!!!!

    • He is…not just a trivia answer.
      Mark’s book makes it more magical when you consider what could/should have went wrong. Kim Bennett…who knew about him??? he was the unsung hero of the book in a way.
      I agree I don’t know why people would not be interested. Forget the music for a second…the story.

    • I’ve read the multi volume bios on Sinatra- Elvis- they are interesting stories- but nothing close to The Beatles. ..yes and the role of Bennett and Colman… so many things had to fall into place- and they did for it to happen. .. It is one thing to do the research he has done- but he also has the ability to take that research and write the story in such a compelling way. I’d love to be able to have a day of picking his brain.

    • The interview you sent me…he avoided what any other writer would do…”in 5 years he would regret…”…he writes it like you are living that day today…not knowing the future. I never thought about it but that is one of the secrets of it.

      I do have a stupid quesiton on why The Beatles did something. John would complain about the suits…I get it but why in 66 did they bother wearing matching suits? They could have worn anything then… Was it Brian or Paul? …or just a habit…
      If I got to talk to him I would ask the simple questions… Probably not the ones he would want to hear lol

    • Yes if someone knew nothing about The Beatles- reading that book he was giving nothing away until it was time….I like that….. I bet it was a combination of Brian and Paul. I don’t see the rest of them caring about it.

    • And strangely enough…there are some people out there that doesn’t know much.

      It would have to be. John was said to be jealous of the Stones because of that…being able to appear how they liked…

    • In the May/June 1994 issue of Beatles Unlimited, Pauline was interviewed by Rene Van Haarlem. Rene asked her, “The book (The Lives of John Lennon by Albert Goldman) stated that John Lennon blames himself for having a fight with Stuart and might have hurt him. He felt very guilty about it, that it might have been the cause of his disease? Is that known to you?”

      Pauline: “No.

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