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The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived would have been one hundred years old today. Ted Williams- aka “The Kid” , aka “Teddy Ballgame”- the last hitter to hit .400 in a season. There are only a handful of people who ever lived who would rank with Williams in doing something at a such a high level as Ted Williams did- his perfection was hitting a baseball.

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    • Another one of those things I wonder about- he had a miserable childhood- a dad who was never around and a mom who was more into helping others than her own kids–his obsession became hitting a baseball… what if he had had a normal childhood with parents who cared.. would we have ever heard of him?

    • I do think you are right about that. It probably increases the focus they have on things like when we talked about Lennon and McCartney. You have to grow up faster and get a little more street smarts than the next guy knowing there is no one to fall back on.

    • I somehow lost your comment on the Yellow Submarine- Oakland A’s- it is funny how we remember certain things -even some small detail…

    • A bookmark for me…its a wonder I didn’t end up an A’s fan because to this day my favorite colors together are yellow and green…probably because of that memory.

    • That made me thing- I was 4 or 5- I couldn’t have been older because Koufax retired in 1966. sitting on my grandparents porch a summer afternoon- my uncle was all excited he was going to Forbes Field to see the Pirates and the Dodgers with a friend of his. They were going to get to see Sandy Koufax pitch. There was something about that name- if his name were Bob Jones it probably would have went in one ear and out the other but Sandy Koufax… he had to be great with a name like that- I wanted to go to that game so badly- of course I was too young but that is my first memory of baseball. After that my interest was sparked… well I think you were better off in the long run being a Dodgers fan.

    • The name is a marquee name…without being on one. It sticks in your head. Too bad you could not go…

      I would not trade being a Dodger fan for anything. I meet people from California and they ask “Why?” and think I’m a bandwagon jumper…until I tell them… Cey, Garvey etc…and my Father… Not many reasons to jump on the Dodger Bandwagon until recently.

    • One thing I just have a hard time believing is the Dodgers 30 years now without a WS title…yes you are right until last year- there would have been no bandwagon… I never understand the fair weather fans who go from one hot team to the next hot team- whoever is winning this year they like! why? Never made sense to me. I know I will never see the Pirates win again- but I can’t jump ship on them no matter how frustrating they are.

    • If Nashville got a team tomorrow…I would go…but I still would not switch teams. Too much invested in them. I can’t complain about the Dodgers. The most trying time was the McCourt era but I wasn’t going to jump off…

      I hope you are wrong about the Pirates. They have a smart GM…it would be good for baseball for the Pirates to win. They are a landmark team… unrelated note…I miss the old caps of The Pirates.

      Around here we have A LOT of Braves fans that were made when they started to win…I have found many of them were Reds fans from the 70s-80s…

    • I can understand that completely you have a lifetime of being a Dodger fan you couldn’t trade that in for a new team…. Yes those old Pirates caps were the best- I am not sure how many different Pirate caps I own- my favorite and the one I always wear is the 1924 Pirates cap- which at times when I am away somewhere people ask me if I am a Phillies fan… NEVER!!! … Braves fans are the worst- frontrunners.

    • Oh the Phillies…no I can see why you would not want that confusion…
      I’ve never had a Brooklyn hat which is odd…I need to get one. I’ve had a lot of Dodger caps…of course it’s the same design no matter the era.
      I agree with the Braves comment… I remember in the 80s they would have 2000 or less at a ballgame…then after the winning starting…here they come in groves.

    • The Dodgers cap is an epic one- they better never change it- I owned one back in the days of Fernando… I do have a Brooklyn Dodgers cap- got it at Cooperstown a while back……Yes those Braves in the 80s a foul ball behind the dugout and all you saw were empty seats and a few fans scrambling for the foul ball…memories..

    • Poor Dale Murphy…from all accounts a really good guy had to suffer on those teams. They did have a couple of good seasons in the early 80s but that is about it.

    • He suffered on those terrible teams then he leaves and they get good.. kind of like Mattingly with the Yanks. I would support Murphy for the HOF.

    • I would support both of them. You are right they are very similar. Mattingly turned down playing that next year because he wanted to be with his kids…

    • Back in the 80’s when Murphy was a big star- A friend and I went to a ton of Pirate games even though the Pirates were terrible. His boys who were like 12 and 13 would go with us- and when they did we would go down where the players came out and they would get autographs. When the Braves came everyone wanted Murphy’s autograph- we went to the 3 game series and every night Murphy came out with an entourage with him in the middle- and would get right on the bus- no signing… Bob Horner would come out and sign until everyone got an autograph–and I remember him saying “Anyone else”- when there was no one else – he didn’t get on the bus but disappeared off into the night with a couple of buddies. The nicest guys on a consistent basis with the fans- Rick Reuschell- Tony Pena and of course Chuck Tanner. The worst- Bill Madlock.

    • That surprises me a lot about Murphy. I’ve read where he was at least one time good about it…Bob Horner wow…that is a blast from the past. He hit some homers…
      That was good of Horner… The fans are what keeps the game going…and the kids…they need to remember that… Reuschell always looked middle aged to me when he was in his early 30s.

    • Reuschell was a very good pitcher-underrrated- and i think it was because he looked rather portly and middle aged as you mentioned. He didn’t look like he’d be good- same with Mickey Lolich who always looked like he had ate a dozen donuts from his donut shop everyday… George Hendrick never signed but he was never nasty- just saying “I got to go eat dinner” One of my favorite memories as a kid- I was 12- Whitey took me to a sunday game a rainy morning the gates opened we walked in- behind third base sitting in the seats watching batting practice in uniform was Don Sutton- I went to get his autograph and he signed my program- shook my hand and asked me questions about myself. I rooted for him forever after..

    • That is a great story. I understand that people have bad days but some are just jerks…but I do believe there are more good. It only took a minute or two out of Don’s time but that minute or two you will never forget and kept you a baseball and Don Sutton fan also… Too bad Garvey couldn’t get along with him…

      I took my son Bailey (trying to think of names around Christmas and watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”…HA that’s it)… He got Clayton Kershaw’s and AJ Ellis’s autograph. He was 10 at the time and shaking but they were really nice to him…he will never forget how big Kershaw was… or is…

    • I agree there are more good guys than bad- and everyone has bad days- and I would tell the boys- these fellas have a life also- sometimes like anyone else they have things going on in their lives etc… but a few were consistently rude- Bill Madlock was never pleasant he is the one who sticks out…. That had to be a thrill for your son at that age.. I collected autographs as a kid- mostly through the mail- but also a few in person- Al Oliver at a Mall- Mean Joe Greene at an opening of a bank talk about a big man Joe was huge- and quite a gentleman. He must have kept his mean-ness for the football field. …. It’s A Wonderful Life one of my favorite movies ever- great choice.. if you had a girl- Zuzu?

    • The only famous autograph I got as a kid was Dawn Wells…I swear to you I didn’t want to wash my hands until mom made me… She was gorgeous to a shy 9 year old in 1976.
      There is no reason for someone act like Bill Madlock… I heard a quote from Jack Lemmon. When someone said Jack…you are so nice… He said…why would I be anything else?
      That is great you got to meet Joe Greene…I can’t imagine how big he is…probably still.

      When I said Bailey to my wife she was all happy because she said it would work for either a girl or boy and we didn’t know at the time.
      If we would have had a girl…I wanted the name Echo…My wife didn’t like that. I read Bob Dylan had a girlfriend named Echo…I always liked it…but that would not have flown.
      Zuzu would have been great though! Zuzu’s pedals…the end of that movie still gets to me.

    • Dawn Wells brings back the old Ginger or Mary Ann debate!! From everything I have heard Jack Lemmon was a great guy- I heard Carrie Fisher once say that her mom had terrible choices in men but the one who she had a crush on that Carrie thought was wonderful was Jack…. Echo would have been a great name!! Bailey – brings on the other debate- Bailey Quarters or Jennifer Marlow….. Bill Madlock every night- walked out ignoring everyone – a bunch of kids following him to his car “Get away from my car”- as he got in and drove away…

    • Mary Ann and Bailey Quarters all day long! For me anyway… Jack seemed like a nice guy in interviews.

      See…I think Echo would have been a great name. I was going to try to stick it in as a middle name but a girl didn’t happen.

      That is just rude…Some people just don’t get it.

    • That song is really special. I actually learned harmonica just to play that song. It’s not a hard one for harmonica…went out and got a harmonica rack and would play it….I couldn’t play it now probably to save my life.

  1. I’ve let a few people in on this 100th birthday of the RED SOX KING!! A terrific soldier and best baseball player in history (IMO) – Can you tell I’m a Red Sox fan?

    • Nothing wrong with that! and don’t forget one of the greatest fishermen of all times! I think he was the greatest hitter ever and the most fascinating player/man. I wish I had seen him play… I will never forget that ASG when he was honored at Fenway with all the players surrounding him and not wanting to leave.

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