“The Great One” Roberto Clemente- Born This Day 1934


#21 Roberto Clemente was born on this day in 1934. He was killed tragically in a plane crash while delivering relief supplies to earthquake striken Nicaragua on New Year’s Eve 1972.
  Ten Notes About Roberto Clemente.
1. He had the strongest and most accurate arm of any outfielder I have ever seen.
2. He was the most exciting ballplayer I ever saw play. There were times when I was at a game I’d just watch him, constantly. I can still remember watching him just warming up, playing catch in front of the dugout before a game. Just the way the man moved was exciting.
3. It is often forgotten now but he was at times a controversial player in Pittsburgh. He missed games with injuries. He was the kind of person if asked how he was feeling would go on and on about all his injuries and illnesses. He…

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10 responses to ““The Great One” Roberto Clemente- Born This Day 1934

  1. Would a fair comparison be Vlad Guerrero? Remember I have only seen highlights…never complete games. I’m not saying Vlad was better but is that someone to compare with?
    Yea that was a dumb move by the Dodgers…

    • I would say that would be a good comparison- Vlad hit more home runs and stole more bases but it was a different game-the Pirates were not a base stealing team for the most part during Clemente’s career and playing at Forbes Field hurt his home run numbers.

    • Not to mention the pitching mound being higher before 69. When you said bad ball hitter and a great arm…that is why I thought of Vlad.
      Of course…the Dodgers turned Vlad down and got his smaller brother…another bright move.

    • You just had to bring that up…lol… That hurt more than any…cause I knew at the time. That was Lasorda goading the GM to do that. “Pedro is small he won’t hold up…” If you look up his first year for the Dodgers he pitched well.

    • Yea but it hurt…I mean hurt. I’ve seen a lot of bitter Dodger fans take the screen name of “pedrofordelino.”…
      You know his brother Ramon wasn’t a slouch himself. He was an ace for a while.

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