The Beatles Song Of The Day- Mother Nature’s Son


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The Beatles Song of the Day is Mother Nature’s Son. Mother Nature’s Son is on side 3 of The White Album and was written by Paul McCartney.  Paul wrote this song after attending a lecture by the Maharishi on ” the unity of man and nature.” John also wrote a song after this lecture- his song was called A Child Of Nature- which with different lyrics became Jealous Guy on his second solo album- Imagine.  With Mother Nature’s Son- Paul began writing the song in India- the home of a majority of the White Albums songs-{so they did get something out of the time with the Maharishi} but Paul finished it up while visiting his father back in England. An interesting quote by Abbey Road engineer Ken Scott- which tells a lot about The Beatles at the time they were recording The White Album ” Paul was downstairs going through the arrangement with George Martin and the brass players. Everything was great, everyone was in great spirits. It felt really good. Suddenly, halfway though John and Ringo walked in and you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. An instant change, it was like that for ten minutes and then as soon as they left it felt great again. It was very bizarre.” Paul McCartney: double-tracked vocal, acoustic guitars, drums and timpani. Uncredited-2 trumpets and 2 trombones. Produced by George Martin.

  • Rating of Mother Nature’s Son *** 1/2 stars out of 5 stars.
  • length of song: 2:48.
  • Mother Nature’s Son was never released as a single.
  • Recorded on August 9 and August 20, 1968.
  • Spegnesi and Lewis rank Mother Nature’s Son #62 in their Beatles 100, Bill Wyman has it at #169 out of 213 Beatles songs, Rolling Stone has it #80 in their Top 100. Jim Beviglia in his book has it #52. The Beatles Channel listeners vote didn’t have it in the Top 100.
Born a poor young country boy
Mother Nature’s son
All day long I’m sitting singing songs for everyone.
Sit beside a mountain stream
See her waters rise
Listen to the pretty sound of music as she flies.
Find me in my field of grass
Mother Nature’s son
Swaying daises sing a lazy song beneath the sun.
Mother Nature’s son.