The Beatles Song Of The Day- Julia

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The Beatles Song of the Day is Julia. Julia is the final song on side 2 of The White Album. Julia was written by John Lennon- the song was written about John’s mother Julia who was killed when she was hit by a car when John was a teenager- and about Yoko. Yoko means “ocean child’ in Japanese- and the line “ocean child calls me’ was mentioned in the song.  It is one of my favorite songs on The White Album.John was raised by his Aunt Mimi- Julia’s sister- and John was just reconnecting with his mother when she was tragically killed- something he never really got over. The song was written when The Beatles were in India on retreat with the Maharishi. This is the only song that John Lennon recorded by himself while he was with The Beatles. This is a very personal song- the most personal song John wrote while with The Beatles and a  very beautiful song.  It was the final song recorded for The White album. The first two lines of the song was taken from Kahlil Gibran who wrote “Half of what I say is meaningless, but I say it so the other half may reach you” SS John Lennon: acoustic guitar, vocal. Produced by George Martin.

  • Rating ***** out of 5 stars- a classic.
  • Julia was recorded on October 13, 1968
  • length of song: 2:54.
  • Julia was never released as a single.
  • Spignesi and Lewis rank Julia #51 in their Beatles Top 100,  Rolling Stone has it at 69 on their Top 100 Beatles songs,  critic Bill Wyman ranks it #50 out of 213 Beatles songs,  and Jim Beviglia has it #79 in his book. The Beatles Channel listeners poll doesn’t have it in their Top 100-clearly they dropped the ball.


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Half of what I say is meaningless
But I say it just to reach you, Julia
Julia, Julia, ocean child, calls me
So I sing a song of love, Julia
Julia, seashell eyes, windy smile, calls me
So I sing a song of love, Julia
Her hair of floating sky is shimmering, glimmering
In the sun
Julia, Julia, morning moon, touch me
So I sing a song of love, Julia
When I cannot sing my heart
I can only speak my mind, Julia
Julia, sleeping sand, silent cloud, touch me
So I sing a song of love, Julia
Hum, hum, hum, calls me
So I sing a song of love, Julia, Julia, Julia