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The American Top 40 replay this weekend on the 70’s on 7 is the AT40 from the week of August 11, 1973. When I heard the countdown replay was 1973 my first reaction was 1973 means an Osmond must be polluting the Top 40. 1973 wasn’t the greatest year for singles. Some really good stuff on here but a lot of trash.

1 1 THE MORNING AFTER –•– Maureen McGovern (20th Century)-8 (2 weeks at #1) (1) C+
2 3 LIVE AND LET DIE –•– Wings (Apple)-6 (2) A
3 8 BROTHER LOUIE –•– The Stories (Kama Sutra)-8 (3) A
4 7 TOUCH ME IN THE MORNING –•– Diana Ross (Motown)-11 (4) A
5 2 BAD, BAD LEROY BROWN –•– Jim Croce (ABC)-17 (1) A
6 4 SMOKE ON THE WATER –•– Deep Purple (Warner Brothers)-12 (4) A
7 17 LET’S GET IT ON –•– Marvin Gaye (Tamla)-5 (7)  A
8 5 YESTERDAY ONCE MORE –•– The Carpenters (A&M)-11 (2) A
9 15 UNEASY RIDER –•– Charlie Daniels (Kama Sutra)-7 (9) B+
10 12 MONSTER MASH –•– Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers (Parrot)-32 (1) B

11 11 FEELIN’ STRONGER EVERY DAY –•– Chicago (Columbia)-8 (11) A
12 13 I BELIEVE IN YOU (You Believe In Me) –•– Johnnie Taylor (Stax)-8 (12) B
13 14 GET DOWN –•– Gilbert O’Sullivan (MAM)-8 (13) B-
14 10 SHAMBALA –•– Three Dog Night (Dunhill)-13 (3) B
15 22 DELTA DAWN –•– Helen Reddy (Capitol)-8 (15) B
16 6 DIAMOND GIRL –•– Seals and Crofts (Warner Brothers)-14 (6) A-
17 19 HERE I AM (Come and Take Me) –•– Al Green (Hi)-6 (17) A
18 24 SAY, HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY SWEET GYPSY ROSE –•– Dawn Featuring Tony Orlando (Bell)-5 (18) B-
19 20 IF YOU WANT ME TO STAY –•– Sly and the Family Stone (Epic)-7 (19) B
20 9 WILL IT GO ROUND IN CIRCLES –•– Billy Preston (A&M)-20 (1) A

21 18 MONEY –•– Pink Floyd (Harvest)-13 (13)  A
22 30 ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH –•– The Four Tops (Dunhill)-8 (22) B
23 23 NATURAL HIGH –•– Bloodstone (London)-17 (10) A
24 26 ANGEL –•– Aretha Franklin (Atlantic)-6 (24) B
25 27 HOW CAN I TELL HER –•– Lobo (Big Tree)-8 (25) C
26 25 SO VERY HARD TO GO –•– The Tower Of Power (Warner Brothers)-15 (17) C
27 33 GYPSY MAN –•– War (United Artists)-4 (27) B
28 28 WHERE PEACEFUL WATERS FLOW –•– Gladys Knight and the Pips (Buddah)-9 (28) B
29 29 BEHIND CLOSED DOORS –•– Charlie Rich (Epic)-16 (15) B
30 16 BOOGIE WOOGIE BUGLE BOY –•– Bette Midler (Atlantic)-14 (8) B

31 36 YOUNG LOVE / A MILLION TO ONE –•– Donny Osmond (MGM)-5 (31) F
32 52 I WAS CHECKIN’ OUT SHE WAS CHECKIN’ IN –•– Don Covay (Mercury)-6 (32) C
33 32 MISDEMEANOR –•– Foster Sylvers (Pride / MGM)-11 (22) F
35 46 NOBODY WANTS YOU WHEN YOU’RE DOWN AND OUT –•– Bobby Womack (United Artists)-9 (35) B
36 39 THE HURT –•– Cat Stevens (A&M)-6 (36) B
37 45 BELIEVE IN HUMANITY / YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE –•– Carole King (Ode)-5 (37) C
38 21 KODACHROME –•– Paul Simon (Columbia)-13 (2) A
39 34 PLAYGROUND IN MY MIND –•– Clint Holmes (Epic)-21 (2) D-
40 42 I’LL ALWAYS LOVE MY MAMA (Part 1) –•– The Intruders (Gamble)-11 (36) C


18 responses to “AMERICAN TOP 40 WEEK OF AUGUST 11, 1973

    • Yes that one puzzled me- I thought it was a 50s song- and odd it was re-released in the summer and not in say October… A number of these songs especially in the lower part I hadn’t heard before. The Gilbert O’ Sullivan song I probably hadn’t heard in 40 years.

    • The only Gilbert O’ Sullivan I know well is Alone Again. You did get a variety then…both good and bad but a variety.

    • Claire was another hit O’Sullivan had. I bet you would remember it if you heard it- when I saw the title Get Down and saw it was so high in the charts I didn’t think I had heard it but when I did- I remembered it- but I am sure I hadn’t heard it since the mid 1970’s… I don’t think 1973 was a very good year for pop music.

    • Yes…I have heard Claire…just looked it up. It’s been a while…
      No it wasn’t….I just looked up the biggest pop hits. Tie a Yellow Ribbon… near the top.

    • Why were little kid acts so popular back then? The Jackson’s – The Osmonds,.. on the week I posted Foster Sylvers was 11. Except for The Jackson 5 the rest was terrible- unlistenable stuff. But the people loved it I guess.

    • The Defranco big hit- was it Love Beat? Is in contention for worst song ever. I forgot about them- or was at least trying to forget…

    • It sounds as if you are scarred for life! I was lucky enough to have been the oldest and by the time my sister came of age that sad age of pop history had passed.

    • Yes I am! My cousin he saved me with Meet The Beatles.
      She did have Jim Croce so at least there was some good with the very bad.

    • I would have to look at the list again but I’d bet there were 15 songs in that 40 I was hearing for the first time. I have a decent memory for songs– as I mentioned that O’Sullivan song- 10 seconds in I remembered it and I know I haven’t heard it since that era.. Maybe if I heard some of those songs a few more times I’d think more of them. Maybe not.

  1. Yes, the Osmonds were horrific, but there were a lot of great songs on this list, and what an eclectic mix of artists, from Marvin Gaye to Pink Floyd to Bette Midler! I agree with most of the grades you assigned to songs, but must take exception with Tower of Power’s “So Very Hard to Go,” which is one of my favorite songs of 1973. They were from Oakland and I grew up in the Bay Area, and saw them twice in concert, so I’m probably biased.

    • That is the first time I ever heard the Tower of Power song. I will give it a few more listens.. I think I am a little harsh on that list because there have been other countdowns recently played in other years–where there were only a couple songs I gave less than a C.. Maybe I expect too much. I agree it is an eclectic mix- I wish we had that kind of a mix in recent times.

  2. I ain’t mad at most of your ratings but if you’re going to give Monster Mash a B you’re going to need to bump a couple of the songs up to at least a A- (e.g.Johnnie Taylor, Bobbie Womack). You’ve already been checked for Tower of Power so I’ll leave that alone but just so you know, I’ll Always love my Momma was a fave ditty where I lived in ’73. “You only get one, you only get one, yeah”!

    • Monster Mash probably got a B from being so overplayed over the years- or maybe this particular countdown put me in a bad mood. Hopefully the playback this week isn’t from 1973!

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