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The English Premier League begins today with Leicester City facing Manchester United at The Theater of Dreams- Old Trafford.  How will the season play out? My dream would be another season like 2015-16 when 5000 -1 Leicester City shocked the world and won. I recall that year I picked them to be relegated. That was a special season- when the Foxes were up there in the standings in November they caught the attention of the sports world- and it was an exciting run the rest of the way- can they hold on and beat the big boys for the title? They did. But the Premier League in its history has been the big clubs with the money usually come out on top. I don’t care who it is- I’d just love to see the excitement of another small club making a run at it. Last season Manchester City ran away with it- no contest and I see everyone is picking them to repeat. Here are my predictions.

1- Manchester City

2- Liverpool

3- Chelsea

4-Manchester United

5- Arsenal

6- Tottenham

7-Leicester City


9-West Ham


11-Crystal Palace







and the three teams to be relegated

18- Brighton




    • I made baseball predictions back in late March I am almost afraid to look at them now- I will wait until the end of September!

  1. A few years back when I first started really paying attention to the Premier League, I adopted three teams as “my teams.” One from the cream of the crop, which was Man. City (I couldn’t stand U. at the time. It would’ve been like someone from abroad deciding to be a Yankees fan in my mind if I liked U.). The second was a middle of the road side that I wanted to see rise to the top, which was Newcastle (great fan base). The last was a bottom of the pack team I wanted to remain in the EPL, which was Wolves. They play in the same beautifully decrepit ground they’ve played in since the 1880’s, and when players fall to the ground you actually see dirt on their uniforms, those yellow orange uniforms. Now the latter two have returned to the top flight, and they are once again my three teams. I’m hoping Newcastle will be in the top 6-7. Wow, what a brief offseason!

    • I mentioned to my wife that there was a match today and she said ‘didn’t the season just end”- yes less than 3 months ago- then there was the World Cup. When I began watching in 2003 I picked Liverpool as the team due to The Beatles of course. I must say when Leicester City started to make their run in 2015-16 i began rooting for them just because of how improbably their winning was– I still root for Liverpool and although The Foxes will never repeat the Miracle of 2015-16 I still have a soft spot for them too. Hopefully we are in for an interesting and competitive season. I’d love to see a smaller team at least up in the standings to make it interesting.

  2. I don’t get very deep into the league and players, but I try to turn on the NBC Saturday morning Premier League broadcast. Looks like I’ll be treated to Everton and Wolves tomorrow. It will be great to have it back in my Saturdays.

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